How about a nice Bay St. Louis utility ageing report?

I think Hancock Medical leads the way with over $34,000 in outstanding H2O. Due to the date the report was run in close proximity to a weekend due date for payment means there are a multitude of current accounts listed including myself, my best friend and brother in law. It still appears WLOX’s Hancock County Beat reporter Al Showers is having Flapper value problems among other local notables that are behind. Al does not live in wards 5 or 6.

Click the pic to score the 35 page pdf.

bsl utility ageing 2-17-14 bsl utility ageing 2-17-14

4 thoughts on “How about a nice Bay St. Louis utility ageing report?”

  1. Doug,
    This situation of delinquent utility accounts in Bay St. Louis is definitely out of hand. It is impossible to understand how a city can allow users of a utility to get away with some of these not only delinquent, but outrageous amounts of money. Some of the names on this list will blow your mind too, for instance:
    Two public officials, both of whom are gainfully employed:
    District 3 Supervisor Lisa Cowand hasn’t paid her utility bill since Dec. of 2013?!!
    Maurice Singleton, Bay-Waveland School District Trustee also hasn’t paid since Dec. of 2013?!
    Burger King
    Dennis Farveor over $8,000!!
    Jamie Favre city employee) $405.80
    Miranda Compretta–$1025.71
    Raymond Ellis–$871.41
    Elizabeth Veglia–$470.84–no payment since Nov. of 2013?!!
    Robert Grush–no payment since Aug. of 2013
    Robert Guenther–no payment since Oct. 2013
    Rhakea Lyons–no payment since Nov. 2013
    And some biggies–
    Wheel Inn—$7095. 36
    Parks and Playgrounds–$4909.78
    This is just a sprinkling–WOW!!
    And remember, these are all accounts of users in Wards 1 through 4. Forget Wards 5 and 6.
    I just don’t understand how the City Council continues to allow this–this totals to over $100,000.00 just this billing period. The Council has to move. This is not fair to the rest of us who pay. The Council has a
    fiscal and moral responsibility to those who are keeping this utility system going.

    1. There are several rumors floating about regarding certain contractors that are not required to obtain building permits along with various and sundry other things. The vacant suite next to Froogels for instance, has a blank building permit displayed in the window.

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