Welp, it just goes to show…….

That even judges are human. In case everyone missed it RFP is once again Johnny on the Spot with some very topical links.  I was buried neck deep in several massive Excel spreadsheets and the topic was close enough to home that I surfaced yesterday to express shock and dismay.  Upon further review I think I can add to this discussion but first, with a tip of the hat to the Investigative Blogger that broke the story as Mike has gone international (h/t Mrs Sop):

Arkansas Judge admits HE leaked details of Charlize Theron’s adoption in series of racist and sexist anonymous comments on online forum ~ AP via The Daily Mail

This story has all sorts of connotations for me.  First off Tiger Droppings is my favorite local BB bar none, especially the O-T Lounge.  Even better is the fact there have been several occasions that Slabbed and Tiger Droppings have cross pollinated.  I can say with some authority a link from one of their boards is a quality one from a traffic standpoint.

Second thing is Joe Patrice at Above the Law nailed the human psychology at play so for those that missed it yesterday here is the link and quote:

The psychological term for it is The Online Disinhibition Effect, a condition brought on by the interlocking effects of dissociative anonymity, invisibility, asynchronicity, solipsistic introjection, dissociative imagination, and minimization of authority. This is the condition that leads people otherwise aware of proper social and professional behavior to go off the rails and say things they would know not to broadcast publicly if the world could easily identify them.

That’s what happened to a self-identified judge who routinely posted under a pseudonym on a popular college sports board.

Down here we call that being a knucklehead.  Here is the Blog that broke it wide open:


At this point I’ve gotta admit I was completely ignorant of who this Charlize Theron was whose closed adoption the Judge yammered about on Tiger Droppings but my ignorance has been cured thanks to a few Google searches.  For instance I learned that Theron is an actress, model and Academy AwardTM winner which in turn explains why I had no clue who she was previously.  She is also still youngish so that fact, coupled with the others (actress, model, Academy AwardTM winner) caused me to test one of those patented Google AutocompleteTM moments and sure enough there are plenty of nude pictures of the lady for everyone.  Lest I digress but Charlize Theron is what I learned outta from this disaster as I was already of student of Online Disinhibition Effect, just ask Sal and Jan.  😉

Finally this should serve as a reminder that Judges are like everyone else and they put their pants on one leg at a time.

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      1. Topical not tropical ? rfp is one of the very best. I love to follow him/her. Bill Walker will be in court next week to cop his plea. Will we ever know the truth about everything that has happened? What about the Marine Resource Foundation? Where is all of the money that flowed in an out of that CONprofit? So many questions and so few answers.

  1. Atten-Hut!!!!

    The R&R Division Reporting for Duty, Sir!!!

    Yes, that’s right folks. The DMR, ran military style complete with UNIFORMS.

    This could soon be a reality. Inside operators and other innocent victims working at the DMR have reported that they could soon be required to show up in regulation uniforms. And you guessed it, at the tax payers expense.

    As the week-long legend goes, there has been serious talks within the DMR community about implementing standardized or regulated UNIFORMS that DMR emplyees will be required to wear while on duty. God help us all if this actually becomes a reality.

    1. Yeah just unexpectedly busy. Apologies for not posting as promised. It actually turned out to be more than I thought. Still on the way though.

      About the Walker guilty plea. Meh. I guess I understand letting the junior Walker criminal comment on the Senior Walker criminal, where else could you find quotes like this:

      Scott Walker commented on his dad as they made their way to the courthouse.

      “Bill Walker is a good man,” Scott Walker said. “He’s had a 42-year career and it’s sad to see it end like this. He’s done good things for the state of Mississippi. It’s sad to see it end like this, especially for me as his son.”

      This is the apparently amoral mentality of the young political operators; these junior clingons (not Klingons, clingons) obviously think other people want to hear things like this.

    2. I am also alive and well but a little blue in the face from holding my breath waiting on rfp’s post. I also got a kick out of the Scott Walker comment about his dad’s 42 year career. I do agree that ending it in this manner has been tough but on the taxpayer who has to pay for all of this. I must say not only is Scott Walker a clingon he is also a dweeb living in a make believe world. They did dominate the front page of the Sunherald this morning. Scott loves attention and he has found a way to get it. His house also got some free advertisement thanks to Paul Hampton. Maybe he will do a front page story on the Bill Walker’s house which I hear is also for sale. I bet one of Scott’s next door neighbors is happy they did not include his house in the photo by accident. Well, I better get me a cup of “Joe” so I can hurry up and wait for rfp to come thru with that post.

      1. Yes, I get that way my self awaiting comments from RFP. It seems like most hit the blog as hard as a major heart attack. 🙂

        I agree with RFP on the Walker comments. When I read the article I immediately got the sense that he was more concerned with his old man getting busted which brought his reign to an end rather that being truthfully sorry about all has transpired. Of course, I could be over exaggerating and we may perhaps see public statements to clarify all this. At this point, I think both of these critters owe the public a detailed written apology.

        Now that the Walker’s are bagged, it makes me wonder how much factual information they will reveal with the federal DA’s and investigation (if it’s really still going on). If any additional details exist regarding the “politically connected brat” from Woolmarket, will Bill reveal them? Time will tell.

        “In due time, the public will be enlightened.”

  2. It looks like the SH commenters are pretty fired up about Hillbilly Mike Byrd. I can’t blame them overall and we will see what the state will do….Probably nothing since he seems to be in the same “outback wooded” Klique that keeps him out of trouble. I figured after enough charges are filed on his squirrly ass, he would be bound to get some kind of jail time. Then its time to tangle with big bubba. 😉

  3. Update.

    Here is one: Ex-Judge Asks For Leniency In Bribery Sentencing

    This one has a few more details.

    Maggio asks for leniency in sentencing; cites bullying as child, punishment already suffered

    In case the reader is short on time I can give a brief summary.

    $ The judge has received some letters of support for the defendant (He plead guilty.)

    $$ Locking the defendant up would be almost cruel.

    $$$ The defendant would prefer probation to a jail cell.

    …Maggio is “shunned” by colleagues and others, used as a case in continuing legal education and “convicted in the court of public opinion.”

    He went on, “So to pile on by warehousing Mike in an out of sight jail cell really borders on the cruel.”

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