Welp, it just goes to show…….

That even judges are human. In case everyone missed it RFP is once again Johnny on the Spot with some very topical links.  I was buried neck deep in several massive Excel spreadsheets and the topic was close enough to home that I surfaced yesterday to express shock and dismay.  Upon further review I think I can add to this discussion but first, with a tip of the hat to the Investigative Blogger that broke the story as Mike has gone international (h/t Mrs Sop):

Arkansas Judge admits HE leaked details of Charlize Theron’s adoption in series of racist and sexist anonymous comments on online forum ~ AP via The Daily Mail

This story has all sorts of connotations for me.  First off Tiger Droppings is my favorite local BB bar none, especially the O-T Lounge.  Even better is the fact there have been several occasions that Slabbed and Tiger Droppings have cross pollinated.  I can say with some authority a link from one of their boards is a quality one from a traffic standpoint.

Second thing is Joe Patrice at Above the Law nailed the human psychology at play so for those that missed it yesterday here is the link and quote:

The psychological term for it is The Online Disinhibition Effect, a condition brought on by the interlocking effects of dissociative anonymity, invisibility, asynchronicity, solipsistic introjection, dissociative imagination, and minimization of authority. This is the condition that leads people otherwise aware of proper social and professional behavior to go off the rails and say things they would know not to broadcast publicly if the world could easily identify them.

That’s what happened to a self-identified judge who routinely posted under a pseudonym on a popular college sports board.

Down here we call that being a knucklehead.  Here is the Blog that broke it wide open: Continue reading “Welp, it just goes to show…….”