Jim Brown: Gov. Jimmy Davis brought us sunshine!

Thursday, March 6th, 2014
Baton Rouge, Louisiana


It could be the most recognized American song worldwide. Go to a small Asian community were little or no English is spoken. Then start humming “You Are My Sunshine.” More likely than not, the locals will join in singing along. Everyone knows the words to a down home tune written by a Louisiana country singer and movie star. And he was sworn in as Louisiana Governor seventy years ago this week.

Jimmy Davis was a popular country singer in the 1930s, and made a number of western movies including the likes of Cyclone Prairie Rangers, Mississippi Rhythm and Square Dance Katy. But throughout the world, he made his mark with “Sunshine.”

I was in Cambodia a few years back right at the Golden Triangle where Burma and Thailand converge. Breakfast at a rural village outdoor cafe’ with dirt floors, and a young waitress who knew as few words in English. “You American. I love America. I sing about America.” Then, with a big grim on her face, she broke out in song and danced around the dirt floor singing “You Are My Sunshine.”

After serving two terms as Louisiana Governor, Davis spent a lot of time at his farm in Northeast Louisiana, traveling back and forth from the state capitol in Baton Rouge. The Governor was friends with my senior law partner in Ferriday, and made it a habit of stopping by our office for a coffee break. I was a wet, behind the ears 26-year-old attorney, and often the only one in the office. So Jimmy Davis would talk at length about his life and gave me my initial political education. Continue Reading……..

16 thoughts on “Jim Brown: Gov. Jimmy Davis brought us sunshine!”

  1. And in my Family, “Governor” James H. “Jimmy” Davis was known as a CROOK, who was “owned by the MOB”, ie. Carlos Marcello and his Mafia henchmen. The way Davis was paid GRAFT by the MOB? Well, the MOB bought MILLIONS of “You Are My Sunshine” records, AND DUMPED THEM INTO THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER! Sort of like “card players” LOSING at poker at the Governor’s Mansion during the Edwards Administration. “Sunshine” indeed! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  2. Holy “You Are My Sunshine ” toxic dead zone in da’ Gulf Batman;

    Ashton, please present your toxic asphalt vinyl dump info to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency fo’ yo’ done found da’ real reason fo’ dat persistent Dead Zone in da’ Gulf ( notwithstanding the high number of Katrina criminals’ bodies dumped in Miss. after swift vigilante justice).

    Governor Jimmy probably personally wrote, dedicated and serenaded dat tune below Carlos’s big picture window for his political generosity. Nothing wrong with having a true fan of yo’ artistic work.

  3. Slow week but here’s a quick diversion.

    I’ll take Anonymous Potty Mouths Caught In The Act for $1,000.

    Sorry, all that’s left is Those Damn Pesky Investigating Bloggers Again for $200.00.

    Ok, guess we’ll have to settle for that instead.

    AND>>> (Woo woo wooooo.) IT’S THE DAILY DOUBLE OF FAIL!!!!!

    Arkansas Judge’s Online Comments Investigated

    Better link, apparently I forgot to check Above The Law the past few days and missed out on this as it happened 🙁
    Judge Caught Making Racist, Sexist Comments On Internet Board
    By Joe Patrice

    The psychological term for it is The Online Disinhibition Effect, a condition brought on by the interlocking effects of dissociative anonymity, invisibility, asynchronicity, solipsistic introjection, dissociative imagination, and minimization of authority. This is the condition that leads people otherwise aware of proper social and professional behavior to go off the rails and say things they would know not to broadcast publicly if the world could easily identify them.

    That’s what happened to a self-identified judge who routinely posted under a pseudonym on a popular college sports board.

    Blogger who done outed this smarmy little shit’s (opinion, commentary; based on reported and admitted bad behavior by this smarmy little shit) deeds: Blue Hog Report:
    Who Have You Wronged, Mr. Maggio? Hog Nation Turns Its Angry Eyes To You. (Woo woo wooooo.)

  4. Holy Total Insanity Blogger Batman;
    geauxjudge graduated from St. Stanislaus in 79′- hmmm, dat be round time you and robin done streaked across da’ stage;
    geauxjudge and his appeal court campaign done Going, Going,———- Done Gone, well over the centerfield bleachers deep into da’ NeverWorld field of dreams.

    What happens when an out-of-state, Black Bear and ex-JohnnyReb legal grad works out to Total Insanity on tigerdroppings.com? Dey gets eaten by a raging, wild Blue Hog, naturally.

    1. lol 😉

      I held that little detail back, just to see how long it took get out here!

      Linked in mike maggio Circuit Judge in State of Arkansas

      St. Stanislaus College 1972 – 1979

      This guy is going to have to pick up and move out of Arkansas (after the Blue Hog Report reposted some of the many regretful things he posted which the locals will be holding agin him): Just click on the little witticisms to go straight to the Blue Hog Report screenshots. The judge apparently thought he could delete his unfortunate internet postings, can he spell screen grab yet? 🙁


      Van Buren, Ark? They think Deliverance is a love story

      In Arkansas they don’t call their daughters they yell Woo Pig Sooie

      Sex with animals……been there done that…. Signed Arkansas

      I also note several cryptic references to a certain court case allegedly involving the judge in some way which at least one internet poster states should be scrutinized. It is not the nursing home death damages case, apparently. There is enough detail in these allegations (the referenced case number is supposedly posted) that, if there is any substance to them, and unless the entire episode is under seal; then there may be more to come.

      All in all, it will be a tough row for the 2000 Arkansas Republican of the Year,and the 2000 Arkansas Republican Small Business Owner of the year to hoe. Business may suck for a while if he goes back to private practice.

        1. Probably a good thing they didn’t have a link to this video.
          The judge gets pulled over by Arkansas State Trooper for speeding, but da judge has an excuse to go with the badge he flashes. Gets off just like everyone else does who is pulled over for speeding on the way to court.

          <a href="http://thecabin.net/news/local/2010-08-20/video-released-maggio-traffic-stop#.UxlFPYUwBAo

          Video released of Maggio traffic stop [Video]
          Posted: August 20, 2010 – 5:20pm
          Arkansas State Police have released a video of 20th Judicial District Circuit Judge Mike Maggio during a routine traffic stop in Van Buren County in July.

          A trooper pulled over Maggio for speeding on Highway 65.

          According to the patrol car video, Maggio exited his vehicle after the stop but quickly returned to the driver’s seat. The trooper approached the vehicle, identified himself and informed Maggio he was being pulled over for speeding. It is unclear how fast Maggio was driving.

          Maggio advised the trooper he was late for court. The trooper can be heard in the video saying, “I see your badge. Who do you work for? The 20th district.”

          A badge cannot be seen in the video.

          The trooper did not issue Maggio a ticket but warned him about exiting his vehicle.

          1. RFP, one might comment that such offenses get tallied and kept for another day. Such “leverage” comes in handy when one part of the nomenklatura is seeking a “favor” from another member of the nomenklatura.

    2. I’ve known Mike and his family since 1969 Lockie. He has a few years on me.

      Straight up I stopped ragging on Maestro because of his dad. (I reserve my rights there however) No way can I blow raspberries here though I do not be grudge raspberries in this instance.

      I’m taking the 5th on this otherwise.

  5. It is time for an update on Arkansas Judge Mike Maggio. Could things be getting worse for Judge Maggio? Yes.

    1. That nursing home lawsuit where Judge Maggio decreed that the conscience of the court was shocked? Blue Hog Report last week reported on the results of some research into Maggio’s campaign finances. Mike Maggio’s Conscience Offers Great Return on Investment.

    I think it’s safe to say that disparaging pretty much every demographic except white, male LSU fans could raise an appearance of impropriety for any litigant who did not fit that mold. But you know what really raises an appearance of impropriety?

    Having a plan to funnel money into your Court of Appeals race go into effect the exact same day that you decide to hold a hearing on whether to reduce a jury award. Oh, and also where the person who enacts the money-funneling plan was the owner of the nursing home against whom the jury award had been imposed.

    Stop by Blue Hog Report to see the record of Maggio’s campaign finances with respect to interested parties in a certain multimillion dollar case.

    2. Then there is the complaint filed on Thursday against Judge Maggio based on the Blue Hog Report post.
    Family Files Complaint Against Embattled Judge Maggio

    LITTLE ROCK, AR – The family of a woman who died in a Greebrier nursing home filed a complaint with the Arkansas Judicial Discipline and Disability Commission Thursday against Faulkner County circuit judge Mike Maggio.

    Rosey Perkins and her sister Rhonda Coppak dropped off paperwork Thursday afternoon at the commission office in downtown Little Rock.

    Perkins says she filed the complaint after reading recent accounts of Maggio’s connections to the nursing home where her mother Martha Bull died in 2008.

    “I just don’t think the system is set up to protect people like us,” Perkins says. “It’s set up to protect people in power.”

      1. The Maggio story is much more than intemperant comments and campaign contributions.

        There is the appearance of a quid pro quo arrangement here (Martha Bull heir lawsuit + Maggio campaign contributions from lawsuit parties), and it takes at least two for that kind of a party. Judge Maggio isn’t the only one who ought to be facing serious scrutiny. It seems unlikely that Maggio is the organizer and string puller here. One would have to allow that Morton and company were extorted by Maggio for that to be the case (and if that was so, why did it take BlueHog to expose it? Extorted by a judge? Might want to report that to law enforcement.)

        No doubt Maggio has some problems, apparently caused at least in part by his “friends” and “donors” in the tort reform and nursing home communities. If this is investigated properly then Judge Maggio could make amends by telling the truth. Actually he could do that already, but his lawyer probably will be advising otherwise.



  6. Again, kameraden, reveals the worthlessness of federale attorneys. The all-too-numerous pattern and practice of civil rights violations and governments ripping off other governments are everyday news stories. Substantive rights issues go unaddressed while the DOJ klowns fiddle with peripheral privileges to grant to the favore few du jour.

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