Heard on the street: Echos of Tammy….

First up a lovely oldie:

Top shelf legal costs $$$$. From Jackson County Deep Throat November 2013:

(Mrs.) Walker has taken 100k out of retirement to support the team Walker legal defense fund. One DC lawyer charges $900/hr.

Jackson County Deep Throat Mardi Gras 2014:

Bill and Sharon Walker…….are also selling their house. Legal fees…..eating them up. Sharon Trinity will move…….to the town where the two men will ‘reside’. Mrs Walker thinks both men will go to the same prison. (Heavily edited)

I am also hearing there is an expectation in the Walker camp Judge Starrett will impose prison sentences that will be on the short side.

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  1. To the fullest extent of the law… When the federal charges have been answered and the sentences completed, do you imagine the state of Mississippi will go after them for their misuse of state monies and positions or will this just fade away? This corruption then goes all the way to the top. Thanks for keeping us informed. SH now requires sign in for mobile app. Too bad for them.

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