2014 Election and Social Media Impact: Where the heck did all the money go?

Since its Tuesday how about a twofer:

Pickering has dropped off his latest load over at the Sun Herald. ~ RFP

Maybe Stacey Pickering has not read much about the government’s own estimate of fraud in the aftermath of Katrina. Is he just a damn liar or does he think the population of Ms. is so freaking dumb he can continue to fool them? ~ Biloxi Blues

My mind has been on the day job so I was just a bit lost this morning:

There is far more than what Geoff Pender identified back in 2007 for the Sun Herald that we know of today. Here are a couple of more links that should get everyone on the same page.

HUD asks if building plants no one needs is relief for engineers or Katrina victims ~ Jackson Jambalaya

I still intend to tackle that subject. Finally, a possible reason why the rumor mill continues to churn in the investigative community about problems with certain former DPS public officials and the FBI:

Feb 2013: Feds say DPS diverted millions in Anti DUI funds for other purposes

2 thoughts on “2014 Election and Social Media Impact: Where the heck did all the money go?”

  1. Doug,
    The Harrison County Utility Authority has gotten all the publicity regarding loads of Federal taxes coming in and what use was made of them, but no one seems to be interested in the Hancock County Utility Authority where $36million were spent in Pearlington of all places for the 580 households that were left. This money was used to lay water and sewer lines, some of which is in the so called by-out zone–where the Corps of Engineers declared no one should be allowed to build. Talk about engineers and contractors cashing it in–read their minutes since 2005. Think of the households that money could have helped.
    Someone suggested just recently that would be a good story for the national news media. May be, who knows?!

  2. My Fellow Americans,

    Nice work and comments RFP and Biloxi Blues

    Pickering has reached his climax in public service and I beleive this is the start of a slow and painful death in terms of public service employment. The only question remaining is will he actually attempt to dump more public money and possibly exhaust resources to save his own ass.

    As a candidate is traveling the path of Freemasory, he is asked on multiple occasions what he seeks: with light and further light in Masonry being the answer I see this as emblematical to what the public seeks.

    With that said:

    “In due time, the public will be enlightened.”

    The clock is ticking with just days remaining.

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