In the Oil Patch its called a “dry hole”…..

Times-Picayune appeals magistrate’s order to provide information on commenters ~ Gordon Russell

At this point I’d like to remind everyone of the economic concept of signalling. This concept is interdisciplinary in application and my limited experience is one place it applies is in the practice of law. Assuming a lawyer has the sense not to BS a judge a party to litigation will often self reveal facts.

I mention this because I detected some signalling in the appeal of Magistrate Wilkinson’s order thus the post title. Whether or not the T-P’s lawyers are BSing on the signal sent is the only question left in my mind. The early pre-appeal predictions are that Judge Lemmon would not overrule Magistrate Wilkinson. We shall see.

USA v Jackson Doc 56

USA v Jackson Doc 56

All Hail Argus XXX

Councilman Elton LaGasse has it bad folks:

“This is almost a culmination of a career of being in the public eye,” Lagasse said. “How many people can sit up on a float and see thousands of people waving at you, ‘Throw me something!’”

Perhaps you guys can fill in some of those career defining moments in comments. Meantime Slabbed has obtained exclusive footage from the dress rehearsal of the King Argus XXX toast at the JP reviewing stand. Continue reading “All Hail Argus XXX”