6 thoughts on “As I was saying weeks ago: Gene Taylor to run for Congress as a Republican”

  1. The early rumors have now been confirmed. Palazzo is toast in my opinion with Taylor as a Republican. Look for a whole lot of crossover voting in the primary.

    1. I think Gene will get cross over votes. I think he’ll get a whole bunch of republican votes.

      Palazzo’s record has been one of wild parties, cutting ship programs out of his own district along with voting for the Biggert Waters. To the extent GOP guys are not supposed to run against each other this puts the state GOP establishment in a pickle. If I were Gene I’d reach out to the TEA Party. He has always been a deficit hawk and strong on National Defense.

      We have us a campaign guys.

  2. Friends,

    I just watched WLOX TV where Palazzo said, “Bring it on” in reference to Gene Taylor running against him.

    Bring it on Gene and visit us at the Jackson/Harrison County North Bay Mardi Gras Parade Sunday afternoon.

    Via Slabbed, let us know your address to send contributions.

    Palazzo reminds me of a bird; a yellow-bellied sapsucker!

  3. I will vote for Gene. I can’t ever vote for Palazzo until he comes forward and explains how and why his daddy ended up with 1/3 of over $800,000 that was paid for an overvalued condo spec lot that was overwashed by Katrina and owned by three rich men–David Harris, Tom Reynolds, and Palazzo’s daddy. Why was this property chosen for CIAP purchase? It is now standing vacant in Ocean Springs. The appraisal was of course way over value and I expect that those three men (Tom Reynolds LLC if it hasn’t been dissolved yet) immediately went to the bank and borrowed on it, waiting for Billy to bail them out.

    Did any of that money go into your campaign, Mr. Palazzo? Inquiring minds want to know how your daddy was invited to participate in this scam. Did he also own part of Harbor Landing and serve up scamburgers? Full disclosure, please. You are in the public eye.

  4. Also don’t forget how Palazzo’s daddy and his mother-in-law passed out money to people to donate to his campaign. That is SO illegal.

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