One of those days…..

So here I am working in the field thinking it would be a slow day on the blog. I reckon there is no such thing as a slow day so here is today’s first nugget.

Wanna live on the beach next to Joe Cloyd? Now is your chance folks because Scott and Trinty Walker have their place for sale for the bargain basement price of $1,250,000.

Word I get is Trinity will be moving closer to the locale where they expect Scott will be incarcerated.

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  1. Ahhhhhh. Million Dollar Row. The scenic views and level of class only fit for the upper crust of the Mississippi WHITE Republican Regime.

    I wonder how many times Jamie Miller has visited the house right next door?

  2. That’s not a bargain price as I think it sold in the $700,000 range before, due to insurance costs and a fire in the house nearby. Maybe the appraisal company who appraised Harbor Landing told them it was worth that much. He should just sign it over to his attorneys for what they are fixing to charge him for that plea deal. I saw in the Sun-Herald that a much bigger boat shed and bar in the Pass, with much more waterfront, sold for $800,000 at auction…not 4 million like David Harris’ Boon Doggle Marina.

  3. Since the house that fraud bought was built so close to the adjoining lot it would make sense that his neighbor would buy it for use as a guest house or maybe a memorial dedicated to the death of Stacey Pickering’s political career. Are we now viewing the beginning of the end of the faux nouveau rich consultants that have become a blight on our society? The good people who live on East Beach Drive over in Ocean Springs will never forget the coming and going of the Scott Walker family. May they soon rest in peace again.

  4. Indeed it’s one of those days.

    Its one of those days where we open the SH and find Stacy “THE BULLY” Pickering touting his accomplishments like a broken record.

    It’s one of those days where The Bully is getting a taste of his own medicine and does not like the flavor.

    It’s one of those days where we see another smoke screen cast by The Bully in an attempt to escape the real reason the DMR has not been audited in ages.

    It will be one of those days when he sees for himself what the public will not tolerate in terms of his performance and who he really is. The day is near My fellow Americans.

  5. Eye,you are so correct. His letter to whomever he is trying to reach was a joke. There was plenty of fraud involved in the money that was thrown at Katrina and the oil spill cleanup. Just look into the spending of CDBG money on unnecessary utilities and housing. You have millions upon millions wasted in just one county of our state. And Go Zone depreciation as far away as Starkville as a result of Katrina? Why? I could go on an on but will close with this, Stacey Pickering has let his dear friends escape prosecution and forgave a million dollars(+ or -) that was misused, a fraud, for what reason? He needs to write a letter to the taxpayers explaining that, if he can.

  6. Didn’t Lynn Fitch have a fundraiser at Scott Walker’s house with Scott, Bill Walker, George Malvaney and Michael Janus as hosts? Stacy Pickering has a fundraiser next door at Joe Cloyd’s house just last summer! Throw in Geaoge Malvaney and Albert Sanata Cruz, you get Phil Bryant and Cloyd’s partner in Frontier Gulf Coast! What a bunch of low life crooks. No wonder Malvaney and Santa Cruz are pucking their buddy Lyy to run for Lt. Gov! Birds of a feather flock together – you can say that over and over!

    1. You are correct about the fundraisers. Walker, Cloyd, Malvaney all consider themselves money bundlers for certain candidates in state politics. With what has happened since the Lynn Fitch fundraiser at Scott Walkers, where I hear the seafood was supplied by the DMR, they are now looked at as bunglers instead. The coming fight with this group versus Lt. Gov. Tater Reeves army is going to be a spectacle. Tater has a real hate for Santa Cruz who is best buds with Malvaney, Cloyd, Gregory and of course Phil Bryant. Lynn Fitch might be able to balance her check book but she is no real threat for Tater if he chooses to run again.

    2. I note that Stacey ‘It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his position depends on his not understanding it.’* Pickering has dropped off his latest load over at the Sun Herald.

      The comments are less than positive as to Pickering’s claims of no almost no Katrina relief funds fraud (other than the nearly 100 little people he claims he has prosecuted). It would be interesting to explore the political donation history of those fraudsters that Pickering claims he has prosecuted for Katrina fraud. A wild guess would be that the MS Party of Boss Hogg won’t suffering too badly for the prosecution of these fraudsters. Actually, it is hard to imagine any scenario where it ever would.

      * Confessing to tweaking your quote Upton Sinclair. I think it still is within the spirit of the original.

        1. Very interesting story Biloxi Blues. I honestly believe The Bully knows a lot more than he leads everyone to think regarding any kind of typical fraud that would be within his jurisdiction.

          All the gum flapping, letters, and comments heard over the air and on TV are a sign of damage. His last magazine is running on empty and these are nothing more than last resort desperation shots being fired.

          The image that has been created about his “friends” getting off easy may be the least of his performance concerns in the near future.

  7. The real estate professionals left out one really important item when writing the sales text on the Walker’s East Beach house: all that “nicely appointed” furniture goes with the house because we all have now seen the receipts where Dr. Walker paid for it as he paid Scott’s American Express bill with nearly $7,000 in furniture expenses using Foundation funds.

    1. Where have we all seen the receipts for the American Express bill? Was it in the paper or online?

  8. There was also a check from one of Walkers DMR or MRF special accounts that was used to buy the existing in place dining room table from the previous owner of this East Beach home. Bill Walker pretended he was going to move it to a conference room in the Bolton Building. The credit card was used to purchase new furnishings that were delivered to the location. This was printed in the Sunherald.

  9. I guess the furniture is now free to go because it will not be used for evidence since they plead guilty.

      1. They better try to sell the table first. I am hearing the fines and restitution are going to be a real financial mountain to climb. The sale of the mansion might not even cover the two mortgages. And I know the table will be out of place in the apartment. Trinity better crank up the website and get the resales going. Daddy and Momma Walker are not going to be able to finance Scott’s problems anymore cause the Feds took the checkbooks to the special accounts. My,what is an admitted felon to do?

  10. Ah! I don’t think the Walker’s will have any financial problems. With all the favors they will call in from their so called ethical friends, they should be sitting pretty. And I wouldn’t think it would be too difficult to receive money from their reported Cayman Island bank account.

    It appears someone has called off the investigations at DMR. Does it pertain to some of the aforementioned players others have written about? So like the Mike Byrd deals in Jackson County, it makes one wonder about our justice system.

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