Welp, prison life is evidently not agreeing with the former Goatherder in Chief

After reading the 53 pages of motion, memorandum and exhibits I wondered if I wasn’t caught in some sort of bizarre spaghetti western movie time warp.  Guilty pleas are extraordinarily hard to undo, even in cases where clear miscarriages of justice have occurred.  Even Perry Mason can’t help things that require divine intervention.

USA v Broussard Doc 250 USA v Broussard Doc 250

That said if there is someone I’d love to see inside a courtroom having to answer to what he’s done it would be the former Goatherder in Chief, who I thought I heard in person taking responsibility for the crimes to which he plead before Judge Head almost one year ago to the day.

Finally I’d be remiss if I did not point out that every time his dealings with the gang at Trout Point Lodge came up, Mr. Broussard would run away like a scared grade schoolgirl, first the day after Val Bracy interviewed him in January 2010 where she nailed him on the subject and he immediately resigned his post as Parish President.

Later in September 2012, after the Government filed a motion to Introduce Intrinsic Evidence of Other crimes involving Nova Scotia EnterprisesBroussard pleaded guilty to wire fraud in connection with the employment of his ex-wife by the Parish. Shazam, Broussard’s Canadian dealings are like magic that way.

Speaking of Nova Scotia Enterprises, it was featured prominently by Broussard’s property managers Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret in their SLAPP suit against Fox 8 according to court filings dating to the summer and fall of 2011 that were obtained by Slabbed New Media.

Those Nova Scotia court pleadings included affidavits submitted to the court by Charles Leary from close Broussard associate Roy D’Aquila, who claimed to represent the company and its members.  These sworn affidavits formed the heart of Leary and Perret’s damages claim against Fox 8 in that SLAPP suit.  These affidavits also contained clear evidence that sham financial transactions were being conducted between Broussard’s property managers Leary and Perret and Nova Scotia Entreprises, a Louisiana registered LLC that was never registered to conduct business anywhere in Canada that US prosecutors identified as another Broussard bribery scheme.

Additionally a property records search conducted by Slabbed New Media in April 2011 indicated Nova Scotia Enterprises never owned anything in Canada, a fact that Broussard’s property managers would later confirm in court filings in a related SLAPP suit also filed in 2013 in Nova Scotia.  D’Aquila died of a heart attack within a week of the publication of these affidavits to the Slabbed New Media website in January 2012.

Additionally, a review of Louisiana ethic disclosure reports show that Broussard never listed his ownership of River Bend Lodge at the Trout Point Resort with the Louisiana Ethics Commission on his required annual disclosure form.

By my calculation these acts of bribery and money laundering remain within the statute of limitations for prosecution and this is important for another reason that Slabbed New Media is not at liberty to disclose at this time.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Ya know wat? There’s enough SHIT floating around Broussard that if I were YOU (Doug), I’d FORGET ABOUT ANY NOVA SCOTIA “connection”. It’s just going to get you in deeper. FORGET ABOUT IT! And in the immortal words of Presidential Candidate Hirrary Clinton, “What difference does it make?” Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Glad to see you’re paying attention. To borrow a phrase from Eye Spy the public will soon be enlightened.

      1. I see the term has made an impact. 🙂 I think all who have noticed it will enjoy the enlightenment when the right time comes.

        On another note:

        Clandestine operators have found a few pieces of intelligence that’ll knock ye’ fuckin’ socks off.

            1. It no doubt involves one of our illustrious public servants who is commonly making the headlines. And, in addition to this intelligence, more intelligence actually surfaced regarding another matter just last night. The poor choices and decisions just don’t end with this guy.

    1. “What would be the consequences if we allowed the Rule of Law to become so weakened that decisions were made primarily on political and economic power unbridled by the Rule of Law?” Louisiana Bar Journal, Vol.52, No.2, pp 90-1. “A society of sheep must in time beget a government of wolves.” Bertrand de Jouvene. As if we lived in a civilized litigious society, the posting of comments is conducted according to evidentiary rules ( anything you post can & will be used against you in a court of law, or, do not file an allegation which you cannot prove in court). My favorite pitch is a fastball to the inside corner so I threw a slow hanging curveball & caught the same on the warning track.

  2. IJR and William Dwyer:

    “Ok, let’s play hardball”- H/T to dat supra-ahole, Chris Matthews

    Dat’ Ninja lawyer can sure throw a fast and funny parody-ball which happens to be my favorite pitch. To be a sucksexful parody-ball pitcher, da’ pitcher has to hold his truth-ball between his thumb and bird finger releasing it with a non-libelous spin.

    One important error I noticed in Ninja Lawyer’s delivery though. Instead of da’ Wild West parody citing da’ Lone Ranger , the parody should have cited commenter OnASteed with all his approximate 800 anti- DOJ NOLA comments and space occupying, weird recipes here on Slabbed. As after many un-indicted threw their DOJ hooks and Broussard left town to play ball in NC, dat’ ole’ commenter OnASteed secretly ‘ rode into the sunset never to be heard from again’.

    So I’m rectum-mending dat’ home-plate umpire, Judge Head ,determine just who was dat ole’ secret hired gun, OnASteed, and if said propaganda mouth commenter unfairly influenced da’ grandjury, da’ public ‘s opinion , tarnished the DOJ’s reputation and/or objectivity of future potential juries.

  3. My Fellow Americans,

    This isnt what will knock your socks off but……

    It looks like we have another DMR related article on the SH today. Once again it seems we have Wiggins continuing to stage a front regarding the concerns about DMR oversight and accountability.


    Biloxi Blues has provided some nice pictures in the past about the fishing trips. Here is another factor in the Wiggins equation:


    This is a story about a wild cannon chase by Dr. Wiggins. According to the story Dr. Wiggins was the leading effort and it looks like this was made possible from private donations and a grant from the Mississippi national heritage area. As the legend has been told, this loose cannon has yet to be found.

    We have seen boat photos and now a wild cannon chase with the Wiggins family name associated with each, which have roots to the DMR. So is Wiggins for real, or are his recent concerns for DMR accountability nothing more than a smoke screen to hoodwink the public?

  4. I’ve read and re-read the 29-page Memorandum filed by Buddy Lemann on Broussard’s behalf, which make VERY interesting reading. Buddy is quite the “wordsmith”. But it appears to me that Broussard who, at the time, was represented by Robert Jenkins, caught every break possible from the Court before he pleaded GUILTY (except the “truth” from the Federal Government). Still, I don’t see any “connection” or “link” between the abuse of power, prosecutorial misconduct and lying by Letten, Maselli-Mann, Mann and Perricone and Aaron Broussard, who entered a voluntary plea of GUILTY. Maybe some of the more “astute in criminal law matters” Members os the SLABBED Nation can enlighten me. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. “Hey La ba’- Red beans and Rice”- its carnival time, so lets parody on down and sing along-


    ” Buddy went down to da’ EDLA zoo and he assed for you ( i.e. Jammer1954), he even inquired about yo’;
    Da Tituses assed, da’ Jacksons assed, da’ Naqins assed and dey all inquired about you,but;
    Da’Horn said no, da’ Englehardt said no and dey all said no wit’ a stiff upper lip,
    But Hey Laba’-Red Beans and Rice – da’ Feldman did a flip;
    And when he said its time fo’ a zoo hit –
    Da’ DOJ said ” What da’ sh*t, but Buddy who da’ hell was OnASteed”

    1. CORRECTION: It was not Judge Feldman but Magistrate Judge Wilkinson who is allowing an in camera inspection of internet identity of jammer1954 in case USA vs. Jackson.

      QUESTION:Since Ninja lawyer is representing Broussard in his appeal and mentioned the USA vs.Jackson case in his brief and possible identity of jammer1954 being an employee of DOJ ; and Broussard appointed Magistrate Wilkinson’s brother to position of JP Parish Attorney; and Magistrate Wilkinson stepped down from all EDLA criminal cases while Broussard and his brother were being prosecuted- should not Magistrate Wilkinson recuse himself again from the Jackson case until all Broussard appeals citing the USA vs Jackson case are adjudicated.

      1. Billy Gibbens is the Ninja. Buddy Lemmon is BrousStar’s latest lawyer.

        The T-P has appealed Magistrate Wilkinson’s order to Judge Mary Ann Vial Lemmon. The lawyers think Lemmon will uphold the Magistrate.

  6. One allegation in the screed is simply insane: accusing “Section N” of the eastern district in the railroading of Broussard. Does one believe for a nanosecond the Fifth Circuit Jesters will take kindly to such?

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