Prescient is perhaps too strong a word…….

What Ninja lawyer wants Ninja Lawyer is gonna get:



Judge OKs subpoenas to Advocate reporters over meeting with FBI agents ~ Jim Mustian

This in turn explains why Slabbed will continue to rely on janitors and other low level sources, including the gutter for our muck raking, which is still done the old fashioned way. How about some lovely music:

Pop the popcorn, enjoy the show and stay Slabbed. :mrgreen:

5 thoughts on “Prescient is perhaps too strong a word…….”

  1. As a lawyer, it should present a moral quandary when you are attempting to wear the white hat while representing the likes of Hankton, Galvan, et al.

  2. we suggest mr. gibbens take a pause to reconsider what the consequences may be to his his client, mr. fred heebe, jr., by his continuing a full court press in unrelated representative litigation against 3rd parties who play both sides of the fence in such matters, ie, the press and/or anonymous commenters of any ilk.

    we understand mr. heebe has publicly sworn to “get back” against anyone he suspects participated in his perceived humiliation during the river birch investigation. on the other hand, we will forever be perplexed that such an investigation continued to be in the jurisdiction of the edla while his father, judge fred heebe, sr., continued and continues to sit in senior status of the edla.

    1. In fairness, Gordon has been described as a Heebe plant, which would seemingly exclude this being Heebe style retaliation. I do not subscribe to either theory.

      You may remember that I spoke with Team Horn while the investigation was young. I broke the Garland Robinette subpoena (grand jury), the Whitmer plea deal and other sundry items. Speaking with those guys cleared the air about how I managed to learn those things.

      I consider it likely Russell will have to testify under oath or face contempt. Unlike the DoJ where permission to squeeze comes from the AG himself, Ninja Lawyer answers only to himself and his client.

  3. I have to say that this whole notion of subpoenaing bloggers and reporters is frightening and the Framers of the Constitution would probably be aghast at the trampling of free speech. More and more, we are becoming a society of political correctness and stifling of debate, comments, and discourse.

    It seems to me that Telly Hankton’s lawyers have this ass-backwards. Can’t they obtain the same information via examination of the FBI agents and thereby preserve the freedom of the press that Gordon Russell should enjoy?

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