One thought on “Kinda slow news day. Here’s something on the inside.”

  1. Here’s a reply –
    Can you please tell me why our Legislators have allowed and are still allowing wealthy business owners to run their heavy trucks up and down our roads without paying road repair taxes???? Why is it legal for individuals to set up a “fake office” in Illinois and run Illinois plates on their fleet of rigs but their REAL offices are in Mississippi?? They are Mississippi residents. Are they doing what’s fair?? Are they doing what is best for their State????
    This is an outrage! Why don’t they have to put Mississippi tags on their fleets???? Why are we sitting back and allowing this???? They tear up our roads with their loaded trucks and we have to pay for repairs. They are too cheap to even pay for tags in Mississippi. It’s just disgusting! I can name two of them right off of the bat right in Harrison county. Something needs to be done about this travesty. It is just stealing from the Taxpayers….just under cover.

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