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First up is the Jefferson Parish Hospital debacle. I have sources that are telling me that Chris Roberts was right about HCA’s numbers not adding up. As unlikely as that appears it’s a subject well worth exploring in greater detail, especially given the 4-3 votes of late on the Hospital privatization process.

Next up are a couple of links from Gordon Russell over at the Advocate as today’s word for the day is Prescient as Slabbed once again takes a few minor victory laps.

Nagin’s lawyer failed to impress, but lackluster defense unlikely grounds for appeal

Analysis: Why Key Figure in Nagin case was never charged

And we have this from Drew Broach over at NOLA.

Aaron Broussard moves to federal prison in Tallahassee, Fla

FCI Tallahassee lists itself as a female prison thus it is not likely Broussard would end up there permanently.  I did notice there is a detention center at this facility as well. I continue to hear the former Goatherder in Chief is headed for Pensacola. We’ll see.

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  1. Holy HCA Hitmen,

    So Batman you are saying that the King of JP Payola who adds up his voluminous, foul smelling campaign deposits every morning at 5AM on his 4Q terlit detected a number of HCA discrepancies/turds that Sheriff Normand , who I believe has a CPA degree, missed ? I don’t believe that.

    I would have to see” the holes in HCA’s hands” to believe it especially after King Roberts, Prince LargASS and Templet passionately beat HCA to a bloody pulp and crucified it in the public square.

    Anyway, its time IG Mc Clintock investigate and reveal to voters all the political cronies appointed in both hospitals by the JP Council to force the boards to consolidate and form ONE HOSPITAL, Jefferson General Hospital, as recommended by the financial consultant in 1999. After that and only that should the one hospital be leased to best suitor.

  2. So, Jenkins is more appropriately “Algonquin J. Calhoun” than “Step-N-Fetch-It”. But CLEARLY, he was totally out of his element on Poydras Street. I view it as significant that a “MAJOR” Media Outlet like “The Advocate” would imply that “ineffective ability of Counsel” might even be CONSIDERED as a grounds for appeal. Even a “non-lawyer”, Jason Berry of American Zombie, commented on Jenkins’ ineffectiveness. Reminds me of a joke: Andy (of Amos & Andy fame) consulted Algonquin J. Calhoun: Hey! Calhoun, I jest got handed a piece of paypa called “SUBPOENA”. Whas dis all about? Well, Andy, lemme c dat! HM-M-M-M. SUBPOENA, huh? I GOTS IT! “SUB” is Latin fer de word meanin’ “UNDER”. And “POENA” is a “derivative” (not “derivation”, mind you) of the Latin word for “PENIS”. Andy, yo in truble fo sho! Get otta town FASS! Dis meens: “They got you by the balls!”. Too bad no one gave “NaGOON” this advice, or that he didn’t “listen”, or a little bit of both. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. AROD: He He, – Ashton I just did new yo’ done have somma dat’ bro’ jive in ya’. Better done have yo’ mens genetic profile checked at yo’ next ObamaCare checks ups.

      From dat’ jive dilect mes predickin’ yo’ gotts some Ethiopian blood like mes does.

  3. The CBS Evening News (Channel 4 in New Orleans) reported this evening that Jenkins (a/k/a “Algonquin J. Calhoun”) has executed an Affidavit in connection with a Motion filed by Aaron Broussard to set aside his voluntary plea of GUILTY, and to set the case for trial, in which Jenkins ADMITS to providing “ineffective assistance of Counsel” to Broussard, because the Federal Government didn’t disclose commenting on web-sites by various Assistant U.S. Attorneys (and I guess, by implication, because Jenkins failed to “AKS”, as we say in New Orleans). Some people will say and do ANYTHING to cover their tracks, even AFTER they’ve pleaded GUILTY AS CHARGED. Jenkins is another matter and simply marches to the beat of a different drummer than the rest of us. He TOTALLY LACKS ANY MORAL COMPASS. And we all know “WHY”, don’t we? I asked, “Don’t we?” Broussard is represented this time around by Arthur “Buddy” Lemann. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. LJR : Holy Horse Shit LJR,

      Looks like horse shit jockeys Roberts,Templet and LargASS who cooperatively and persistently pissed on and blackballed big stallion HCA, who has a solid history of guaranteeing its lease promises, have left the parish covered in horse shit, 2 hospitals with increasing debts and their bonds being downgraded by financial institutions.

      And the Childrens’ horse they all rode just pulled up lame, carrying all their BS weight, and has crapped out right there on the first turn of the Fairgrounds by failing to respond to the second consultant’s most basic demand of lease payment/investment guarantees.

      Its time to sue/indict the Council jocks for intentional financial malfeasance in office especially because they intentionally removed the public’s right to vote by publicly opining the public was too stupid to ride and vote on the leases and would ruin the lease values of the hospitals.

      The voters need to be reimbursed for the first consultant’s 1.3 million study which was a BS waste, for the lower financial rating of hospital bonds and hospitals’ decreased lease values. What’s fu*king unbelievable is it appears the first consultant never required legal documents from each proposed lessee guaranteeing their lease payments and annual capital investments, especially from adolescent Childrens !!!!!

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