Ready, Willing and unAbel: A Super 8 Motel Legal Department Update

Folks its appears that the legal department at the Super 8 Motel is very good at filing suits and promoting them in the media but not so good at doing anything constructive with them. With the day of reckoning approaching in Gates v Swartz Danny Abel filed this:

Gates v Swartz Doc 34

Gates v Swartz Doc 34

It appears Abel is having a hard time finding another lawyer to take the Swartz suit, which is to be expected given I feel safe in saying that Abel is the only lawyer in Louisiana that would style a suit like Swartz against a sitting State court judge alleging Treason. By all accounts Swartz is considered a straight shooter as a judge, his transgression against Abel client/son Shane Gates being is he was assigned the criminal case State of Louisiana v Gates.

But there is more because it appears Abel is selective at what cases he is sick with cancer unable to work. Here he is taking part in scheduling conferences in Will v Pohlmann on January 9, 2014:

Will v Pohlmann Will v Pohlmann

But Abel shows up most in Yount v Steitle where he is representing his in house troll Chris Yount in a hotly contested divorce. For instance here is Abel on January 21, 2014 filing a contempt motion on Yount’s behalf:

Yount v Steitle Contempt Motion

Yount v Steitle Contempt Motion

But that case gets better because Judge Ray Steib recused himself after a disturbing picture drawn by Yount’s minor child prompted an outside intervention.

Yount v Steitle Steib Recusal Yount v Steitle Steib Recusal

And of course the disturbing picture drawn by the child imparts the reason why this became such an important matter. To the extent my own Mother was a recognized special needs director for three K-12 school districts here in Mississippi, I know enough to know there is some serious human psychology at play thus the “important matter” part.

This brings me back to the latest motion in Gates v Swartz where Abel tells the court:

Undersigned counsel had surgery and was diagnosed with cancer at the end of December

Late December? I seem to remember the problem manifesting itself earlier than late December. Here is the salient documentation:

Abel Email

Say what????

Stay tuned for more tales from the Legal Department of the Super 8 Motel in the next episode of as the Slabbed turns.

13 thoughts on “Ready, Willing and unAbel: A Super 8 Motel Legal Department Update”

  1. Judges Griffin and Vance should stop this abuse of the legal process. Abel continues to file suits and motions and make appearances, but represents that he is sick. That, plain and simple, is fraud upon the court which would warrant sanctions. Come to think of it, that sounds like a great idea!

  2. If God is love and love is blind AND Ray Charles is blind, where does that leave Stevie Wonder?


    If Goat = Cancer and Danny Abel has cancer, does that make him a Goat Hearder?

    “Abel represents that he is sick” while simultaneously represents the sick????

  3. Is being an epic douchenozzle a bonifide medical condition? If so I’m going to have to side with Danny boy here, him being the capo di tutti capo of douchenozzles…..

  4. Doug – DID Abel actually file the two motions on lined legal paper? WTF???

    What’s next – using Big Chief tablet paper???

    1. The really insidious thing to contemplate is the filing of legal motions with popup components such as seen with pop up children’s books. Even if poorly done, the impact on a case might be a game changer.

      1. True, “burying” a hyperlink in a pleading or memo in such a manner would pose some problems and frankly, the local rules don’t seem to contemplate how to handle such a problem art this time unless you lump it under sanction and/ordismissal.

    2. Empire: I tell you whats next – ” Handwriting Without Tears” brand of double- lined paper and a big ass, jumbo pencil capped with a Flying Dumbo cartoon eraser.

      There’s no tears printing but da’ Judge soon reads between da’ double lines and its an automatic “F” for failure to make believable sense.

  5. Did Daniel G. Abel have prostate cancer? Did he have surgery for prostate cancer in December 2013? If so, then he already has his biopsy results on “MyMDAnderson”) telling him if there was any tumor remaining in the surgical margins. He must be returning in March for his 90-day post-op blood work to see if his PSA and testosterone levels are normal (a/k/a “monitoring”). If the cancer had spread beyond the prostate, he wouldn’t have gone through the surgery. My bet is he has no other “treatment” or “diagnosis” to do. My bet is his appointment is not until Thursday, March 6.

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