Thursday Links: The Walkers cave as the jailbreak begins

You gotta figure Mr. Ziegler and Ms. Shumate can’t be far behind. As for me I think I need a bit more coffee.  😉

Bill and Scott Walker ready to plead guilty to felonies ~ Anita Lee

From the it must be nice to know Fugate files…… (h/t Sun Herald)

Why Taxpayers Will Bail Out the Rich When the Next Storm Hits ~ Bill Dedman

Meet the Flood Insurance ‘Robin Hood’ Who Saves Condo Owners Millions ~ Bill Dedman

So there you have it folks, people with side condos on the beach get the NFIP’s best rates while homeowners in Bay St Louis get stuck with their bill. Worth noting is Congressman Steven Palazzo voted for Biggert-Waters Act, an act that will likely bankrupt substantial numbers of his own constituents. Heckuva job Palazzi!

3 Doors Down’s Todd Harrell needs an intervention ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

Cochran’s not the only one who doesn’t know McDaniel ~ Paul Hampton

Finally a two pack from the Advocate:

Jefferson hospital consultant to review only proposals to run both facilities ~ Jeff Adelson

Man charged with running ‘child exploitation’ ring ~ Jim Mustain

4 thoughts on “Thursday Links: The Walkers cave as the jailbreak begins”

  1. Bill Walker looks to be the man we all thought he was. He will be lucky with a short sentence because the crimes he is not being prosecuted for could put him in prison for the rest of his life. The question we now should ask is what about all of the money? Will he be held responsible for repaying all he was responsible for misusing? We should demand that he be held financially responsible for the millions he has or had control over. Sunherald, this should be your next editorial subject.

    1. That sir should be the most important subject to address. Will the families ever get answers? They deserve closure.

  2. Yep, I said it before, will justice be served, or will his friends in high places let this deal making DA’s allow him to serve minimum time for robbing the taxpayers over and over again. Is he sitting pretty with his state retirement? I know accountability is nonexistent in Mississippi. This goes all throughout the state. The non audit auditors all the way to the top. They all must have enjoyed those free fishing trips and seafood buffets given to our lawmakers.

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