4 thoughts on “BREAKING: Sources are indicating to Slabbed HCA has withdrawn its offer”

  1. A flustercluck if there ever was one. JP council punt that ball down the line. Sell off the hospitals and “get the ‘guvment’ off our backs!”

  2. The Council of Clowns did it again- messed up a three float parade running a big ass Bacchus float off the road ( i.e. HCA dropped out due to BS of Roberts, LargAss, Templet). What was the general quote, ‘ If the public gets involved in the lease process it will screw things up, the Parish will suffer and there will be loss of lease value of the hospitals’.

    Well guess what Clowns you did it and now you want to wash your BS hands at the cronyism trough and put your political diaper full of crap back on the porch of the voting public and lighting it on media fire. I say the public should not vote but let that crap burn till it smells up the parish all the way till the next election.

    Remember all you voters the parish hired an expensive financial consultant for common sense recommendations in 1999 and it was advised that both hospitals unite with one board, one marketing unit to maximize purchasing power, all to eliminate duplicate jobs and expenses. But the Council couldn’t because of their separate political cronyism to each particular hospital. The next step is not for the public to vote but for the IG Mc Clintock to investigate the extent of political cronyism at both hospitals forcing the boards and political jobs into consolidation finally achieving financial soundness. Until that happens no major health corporation will be interested in getting involved in such political cronyism mess.

    THE ULTIMATE TRUTH: The Clowns mentioned above succeeded in frustrating HCA to the point where only Childrens Hospital is left as a viable lessee. And despite one or more Clowns alleging with their big red lipstick mouths they want to re-open the bidding process don’t believe it, as they are secretly celebrating with their hospital cronies and toasting with Childrens’ Kool-Aid.

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