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Scott Walker broke in both cases and this turn of events will certainly have impacts in the separate case against, his dad Bill, Tina Shumate and Joe Ziegler.

In other news today is Parish Council meeting day over in Jefferson Parish. You can access Jefferson Parish TeeVee by clicking here.

Jason Berry adds to the Aircheck intrigue in USA v Jackson via his post the $th Estate.  The bottom line is there are a large number engaged individuals that believe Fred Heebe had a mole inside the Times Picayune and that is how Team Heebe outed Sal Perricone and company for commenting on pending criminal cases and secret grand jury proceedings.

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  1. And now Bill Walker is pleading guilty. Wow!! The dominos are falling. All will plead before the court date. I wanted to watch these weasels testify against each other.Damn!!!

    1. I have a feeling they were probably caught between a rock and a hard place with no place to go. More than likely these were the best deals available, the DA’s were not going to budge, and if they didn’t take them it would have been a slam dunk to convict them all on multiple accounts. I would expect Ziegler to follow, and God only knows what Shoemate will end up doing.

      1. Doug,

        BTW–Has there been technical difficulties with the website for the past few days. At times, it has been not reachable, the mobile format looked different at times, and the recent comment section on the main page seems to be different. Also, there is a moderator approval attached to my recent post.

        1. The Goatherders are shopping their Canadian court order to my vendors. Slabbed, like 2012 became a vagabond blog. The established pattern is undeniable.

          Free Speech means nothing unless that Freedom is exercised. This is why House Bill 44 passed overwhelmingly in the House last week. Now it’s in the Senate.

          I am not fighting this battle online because I’m gonna hang ’em where it counts most right here in South Mississippi.

          In the meantime I have my complete database but have some tech work ahead so we might be bumpy for a while. There is a whole contingent of lifers that has already been through this once so maybe they’ll fill you in.

          I will post as time allows but they time the attacks for tax season. 3 straight years in fact.

          While I wait for Goatherders to show up in court again while they still owe me for the last time I’m firing up the barbecue and drinking some sweet tea.

          Nows a good time to hit that donate button for those inclined to help.

    2. My Fellow Americans,

      It seems the alleged are ringing the bell 3 times and tapping out before Hell Week has even started. When I was reading the story regarding the recent legal maneuver from Bill Walker today, I found myself still mystified why the news articles only state information regarding the Scott Walker land purchase. I understand that this land purchase is the core of some of the crimes that were allegedly committed, but I still wonder why Tina Shumate’s parents property purchase has managed to stay in the dark hole.

      According to extremely old and constant intelligence supplied by inside operators, Tina Shumate’s parents’ property was purchased under the program that Shumate was actually managing. The Sun Herald article contains text that states: “Walker acknowledges he conspired with his son, Scott Walker, and then-DMR manager Tina Shumate in 2011 to commit fraud by transferring money from DMR accounts to the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain to buy property in which the Walkers had a financial interest.”

      If Walker openly claims and admits guilt which involved a land purchase of his son’s property with Shumate’s involvement, what makes the purchase of Shumates’ parents’ property immune? Is that not a conspiracy? It almost appears that Shumate and Bill Walker were involved in much more than just the purchase of his son’s property.

  2. Wow, all these plea deals make me wonder if justice is not being served. The Walkers stole taxpayers money and the DA’s have to make deals with these criminals. Wonder what they get in return for these actions. Not much I would think. A lot to be said for prosecuting them to the fullest extent of the law, eh.

    1. LOL. I am thinking probably not. What the regime may also not entirely realize is the fact that they can be heavily damaged by electronic media in general and it’s not just restricted to criminal offenses. If Jamie Miller has any political aspirations in the future, I would be very careful if I were him. A massive archive is building right beneath his nose. Essentially, one can be their own worst enemy.

  3. I would suspect that her mother’s political connections had something to do with Shumate’s slip by the Feds on the purchase of her parents’ property. Shumate has been known to name drop and brag about her mother’s Red friends who often end up in powerful positions in all levels of government. And I also suspect that’s how Shumate got her gig at the DMR in the first place. I agree with Eye-Spy in that purchasing your parents’ property with federal funds that you manage seems to be along the same lines of fraud as funneling money through a CON-profit to buy your son’s land. And what about the Land Trust and it’s director? Why wasn’t she implicated in the purchase of the Walker property? Is it because her husband is a judge? Why isn’t the Sun Herald asking these questions?

    1. I agree with the Shumate mystery Eye-Know. The only thing that makes sense is her mother and brother calling in all political favors to keep that land purchase from boiling to the indictment level. Many questions about all of the misuse of CIAP money. Will any of these crooks who received the money for the inflated property be brought to justice? Millions of $ passed out by Bill Walker to the benefit of his friends. What about all of the money that flowed into the Marine Resource Foundation? Does he get to keep this and continue to pay his legal fees with this money like he previously has? Even if the people that the public knows participated in all of the Walker schemes are not brought to justice they will live in shame. David Harris is the best example of a turd that keeps floating to the top of the cesspool of crooks involved with Bill Walker an others.

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