The Sun Herald had access to the DMR “Public” records for 7 weeks……

Man o’ man that sure was an epic public records battle for the public to have not seen so much as one of the so called public records that were battled over 7 weeks and a day out. Just sayin’.

10 thoughts on “The Sun Herald had access to the DMR “Public” records for 7 weeks……”

    1. If you are asking about the story the Sun Herald did with the referenced records, the subject of Judge Starrett’s Dec 20th ruling; there hasn’t been any story yet.

        1. Maybe you can point me to the reporting they’ve done in the past 7 weeks on the topic because if it is there I’ve missed it.

          I was told the records contained no smoking guns which made the legal fight so perplexing if what I was told were true. Here we are all these weeks later and the same question keeps presenting itself due to the time elapsed.

  1. The Sun Herald should do what Slabbednewsmedia does—publish online public records It has in its possession if they really believe the public has the right to know. I don’t expect them to print them on hard copy in the paper, but they could on the internet. Anyone who wanted hard copies could do their own.

  2. The Sunherald knows the public is waiting for an answer as to what they found. Remember how quickly they placed the first round of records on line. I do not think anything they discovered in the first round could be considered a smoking gun. If they did not find anything just tell the public. I believe there was plenty of time allowed to alter or remove any negative records that may have existed. If nothing else the Sunherald was able to expose Stacey Pickering-R as a real protector of his dear friends and political allies. That being said I am asking the Sunherald by email to please give us a status or final report of what they found. I think everyone else should take the time to do the same.

  3. Has anyone received an update on Pickering? Was he actually held in contempt? If so, what are the repercussions?

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