Hows about a Haller Jackson criminal update?

I’ve had people email and ask in person for an update to the criminal court saga of former Tulane Law student Prodigy turned accused pedophille Thomas J. “Haller” Jackson. I’ve shaken the tree and following is what I found out.

First there have been several preliminary hearings and Jackson is out on bond with stipulations he stay away from minors and “school students” by any means including computer or text message. There has been a discovery hearing and a pretrial conference. The defense has filed motion to “Suppress confession” thus it appears Mr. Jackson may have already self incriminated himself. Brigid Collins from Frank Disalvo’s shop has been appearing on behalf of Jackson. CollinsĀ made the news a few years ago when she was an Assistant Orleans Parish DA.

The next hearing is set for late March, 2014. Judge Keva Landrum-Johnson is presiding.