Nova Scotia Supreme Court: Ignorant and damn proud of it.

Nova Scotia Supreme Court continues to lend aid and comfort to the disgraced Aaron Broussard’s unindicted co conspirators.

Folks this judgment is as worthless as the first as the Nova Scotia Courts double down on their ignorance as well as reinforce the province’s reputation for being Canada’s most backward. My quick math indicates I tied the previous record for worthless Nova Scotia defamation judgements which is fitting. I will have more on this a bit later.

This is exactly why Mississippi needs to pass House Bill 44 to give us more protection from libel terrorism havens such as Nova Scotia Canada:

Trout Point Lodge Ltd v  Handshoe (2014 NSSC 62)

Trout Point Lodge Ltd v Handshoe (2014 NSSC 62)

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  1. I suppose if you run short on firewood this decision would come in handy to at least light a small fire. It is no warmth or comfort for democracy, free speech and a free press though.

  2. The notions of res judicata are meaningless to the Canadian court system. The Judge has awarded more damages for the same conduct that was previously adjudicated. And, the Judge still fails to make an prefatory finding that Canadian law is as protective as United States laws in the arena of free speech, a prerequisite to any enforcement action in the U. S. Oh, and let’s not forget that this Judge committed the same blatant oversight that the prior Judge did – in order to make an award, the Judge has to find a prima facie case and that the statements uttered were false. The “Reasons for Judgment” are totally lacking in such legal reasoning.

    Moreover, the Judge dismisses the whole SPEECH Act, a congressional mandate, as some pesky little Mississippi law (“exigencies of Mississippi legislation nothwithstanding”) that precluded enforcement of the prior judgment. That Judge might want to take a comparative law class to educate himself on the difference between State and Federal law in the United States.

    If these guys are trying to encourage tourism to their quaint little cabin in the woods of Canada, they are certainly not being assisted by the Canadian judicial system. This decision is quite frightful for anyone who might think of travelling to the Great White North and exercising any free speech.

    1. I think Coady is talking about Mississippi House Bill 44 and is ignoring the SPEECH Act. They do the Ex Parte thing up there a good bit.

  3. I guess after reading all of this I have been reminded again of the power given to individuals on the internet. As an informal member of the Slabbed Nation I have been accused of instilling fear in people many, many miles away. Lock your doors with 3 locks, nail your windows shut, install a professional monitoring service and wear one of those silly alarm devices around your neck for immediate contact with the authorities because the Slabbed Nation is raping and pillaging like the Huns or Vikings of past all the way to Canada. Hell, this could possibly create an international crisis causing a closing of the borders between the USA and Canada. I have traveled to Canada in the past and I guess any border crossing will now require additional questions on the normal paperwork like ” Are you now or have you ever been associated with, a blogger on, or a member of an organization know as the SLABBED NATION ? That will keep me from attempting to enter this country for the remainder of my years. As far as being accused of being the cause of a pain in the neck, I have been told those very same words before. Hell, I could be considered a serial pain in the neck to girls for most of my life. Yes, I am guilty of this, please forgive me. With this confession save the time because false judgments will not be acknowledged. The money they could save by dropping the phobia about homophobia would allow for more doctor visits to Spain and more mind altering prescriptions to help them cope with the fear of a few words on the internet.

    1. They have the case styled wrong showing the Plaintiffs as “Applicants” and me as “respondent”, such form of litigation being converted from Application to Action months ago. If we have magically morphed back to an Application I wonder why the heck the gang never scheduled my Motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction? Nothing like home cooking huh?

    2. Biloxi Blues: I done wishin’ you not palogize to or bees blew do to some Lordie- me Judge in dat’ tundra turd- world country soons to getts invaded by General David Letterman and da’ ghost of censored Sgt.Dudley Do-Right of RCMP

      1. That’s real good remembering Lock. I actually viewed that way back. Good weekend to all accept those 30 mil in Canada who allow for a new version of a sissy fit.

  4. The scales of justice are still leaning in Doug’s favor. Trout Point took a huge gamble taking a Nova Scotia judgement up against the Speech act, and they took it all the way to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. They are done now. The Canadian court will enforce the $48,000 costs assigned to Doug and they will do such because it meets every single test required. That is called playing by the rules and playing fair.

    I agree BB, these corporate owners stepped out wide to make a case of harm done. Banning ip addresses from Canada was a genius move when you think about it. Doug likely lost an indignant audience of 2 from Yarmouth.

  5. Are these people “shopping forums” in Canada for courts presided over by sympathetic HOMOSEXUAL judges – or exclusively STUPID judges? Or is this simply application of Jimmy Hoffa style judiciary: a “good judge” being one “..who gets bought, and stays bought.”?
    Inquiring minds would like to know!

    1. Oh there is way more psychology involved here Kidd. Deep down these people have a raging inferiority complex that would rather cover the abuses of their court system by a US felon and his unindicted co conspirators rather than address them honestly. There is nothing I can do as a US citizen to change such willful ignorance. So much bad PR for the Province for a failing Eco Lodge that grossed just over $550,000 last year. Chances are the Motel 6 in Magee Mississippi did better than that by a factor of at least 2 without the food costs. Maybe that is why they are jonesing for government handouts these days.

      How’d you like to live someplace where the police come knocking after someone gets offended at something you said or wrote? They will never impose those archaic values on me no matter how many times they throw imbecilic temper tantrums.

      Those that live by Libel terror and silly SLAPP suit perish by them. No Canadian court can change American public opinion.

  6. we agree doug.

    the overbearing gay gestapo that runs ruff shod over and within the us media at present (and most of the western world for that matter) is analogous to the fascist tactics utilized by hitler’s brown shirts during their reign of terror – and it is these similar tactics that are designed to suppress our free speech by way of perverse propaganda and a demoralization of the democratic process – a human right that ‘all’ of us were constitutionally guaranteed – that we earnestly fear.

    considering recent legislation in nova scotia, canada, we would suggest that nova scotia has become the modern day equivalent of nazi germany.

    think about it. a government sanctioned mind police now in place in 2014 .

    sorry – was what we wrote mean – did we hurt your feelings ?

  7. And then, yesterday, despite representing to a court that he cannot practice law due to illness, Danny Abel filed this supposed judgment in his lawsuit against me, Doug, and Anne Vandenweghe in Civil District Court. He has also made an appearance in another court, despite his representation to Judge Griffin in CDC.

    I am sick and tired of people like this playing fast and loose with the truth. They fail to present the whole picture to judges, yet get away with it. Not for long, though. I have done nothing but represent two of my co defendants successfully, nothing more and nothing less. Yet, Danny Abel thinks he can sue me for exercising my professional obligations or my free speech rights. He is wrong and will regret having taken me on.

    1. Anyone needing a confirmation that occasionally karma starts gnawing where it hurts may just google “Prenda Law”. Improve your entertainment value by adding additional terms* to the search along with Prenda Law.

      *Non complete list of possible terms to add to “Prenda Law”: “Star Trek”, “identity theft”, “hammer”, “under the bus”,”referral to federal prosecutors”, “referral to state prosecutors”, “referral to statebar”, “irs trouble”, “suffer from a form of moral turpitude unbecoming of an officer of the court”, “U.S. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act”, “mother in law”, “feigned protestations”, “flat out lied”, “boom department”, “clusterfuck”.

      Two links for those wanting them:
      Court Says Team Prenda ‘Flat-Out Lied’ To Court; Hits Them With $261k More In Attorneys’ Fees To Pay Up

      A recent filing referencing previous Prenda disasters, their defeat is not yet complete, it can get worse:

      1. Here is a Prenda Law episode I found entertaining. There is some old saying about not asking questions you don’t know the answer to. This episode goes beyond that, what comes to mind here is taking a dump on the courtroom floor in front of the judge and then jumping into the steaming pile face first. Link to complete story atars technica.

        Cooper: Housekeeper, victim, or angry thwarted porn kingpin?

        Hansmeier started off by saying Cooper had made forgery accusations against his clients “on multiple occasions.” Cooper was confused; he was concerned with his own signature, he said. Hansmeier became argumentative and was eventually told by the judge that “none of this helps.”

        Hansmeier then asked Cooper a confusing mishmash of questions from all directions, many meant to discredit him. Was Cooper being paid for his testimony? He said he was not. Were his expenses for the trip to an LA hearing covered by the Electronic Frontier Foundation? The flight and a one-night hotel stay were covered, he said. Had he been diagnosed with mental illness? No. Had he ever been medicated for mental illness? No again. What drugs had he been prescribed? At that last one, Cooper’s lawyer, Paul Godfried, objected and the judge sustained it.

        Cooper was questioned about March 18, 2011, the date he supposedly gave Lutz permission to sign his name. Cooper said he didn’t remember anything about that date, but he knew he never gave Lutz such permission.

        “What evidence do you have that you are identified as CEO of AF Holdings?” asked Hansmeier. Cooper didn’t know. Someone had texted him and told him his identity was stolen and that he should contact a lawyer. Hansmeier pressed on that point, apparently seeking evidence that some Prenda lawyer he’d been up against had recruited Cooper as a client.

        But the answer was something Hansmeier couldn’t have predicted. As Hansmeier pressed, Cooper admitted he didn’t want to answer. It could hurt the person if the name was revealed, Cooper said. The judge told him to answer, and he did: the texts came from a woman named Kim Eckenrode (spelling uncertain). She was John Steele’s mother-in-law. It was Eckenrode who told him his identity was being used; it was she who told him he needed a lawyer.

        Cooper was then examined by his own lawyer, who promptly admitted the Eckenrode text message into evidence. The exact message wasn’t clear, but it told Cooper that Steele was using his signature, “works with porn companies based in Nevis,” and sues downloaders for profit. It recommended an attorney, who ultimately led Cooper to Godfried.

        At this point, Steele exhaled loudly.

        Steele went back to the stand to explain the texts. He testified that his mother-in-law had read about his work and Prenda Law on anti-troll blogs like DieTrollDie. He said that she is “very religious” and concerned about his involvement in the adult industry. Even though he didn’t own Prenda, Steele’s mother-in-law had become concerned reading “random guesswork from Internet pirates,” he said. He didn’t know whether the text message to Cooper came from her, but the tone was consistent with “anonymous pirates on the Internet.”

  8. In defense of my ancestral Nova Scotian background, its not as if there aren’t States that don’t play the same game. Delaware’s corporate law and courts have been a joke for a while, and other States have been trying to out do them.

    What I don’t understand is, from a Nova Scotain point of view, where the money comes in? If you are going to be a courtly fool, shouldn’t there be some money in it?

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