Why Steph predicted Nadine Ramsey would have a hard time in the runoff…..

But you had to watch Informed Sources last Friday night to benefit from Steph’s punditry. I have no horse in the race but it would have been nice if some fresh blood had been been injected into the NOLA City Council, which has been dominated by career politicians and hacks like Jackie Clarkson for years:

Landrieu Clarkson 1 Landrieu Clarkson 2 Landrieu Clarkson 3

2 thoughts on “Why Steph predicted Nadine Ramsey would have a hard time in the runoff…..”

  1. Why can she live off the royalties of her invention of the douchebag back in the 1600s when she was spawn from Satin and just be gone already?

  2. Hey, Doug: YOU don’t LIVE in Orleans parish, the CESSPOOL. YOU haven’t appeared before “Judge” Nadine Ramsey in Civil District Court to argue on behalf of clients. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! Just WAIT until the NEGROS, who outnumber white voters in Orleans Parish by 60,000 (unless it rains on election day), vote her onto the City Council 9n place of Ms. Clarkson. People will be CRYING for the “good, honest Government” that Jackie Clarkson has delivered for so many years. Please reveal to me ANY SCANDAL touching Ms. Clarkson during her tenure. And just “wait” for what NADINE delivers. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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