It was about this time a year ago……..

That the US Attorney commenting scandal was in full bloom and the rumor mill was in overdrive and this little project was featured in several of the rumors. Heck I may have even started one or two of ’em for kicks.  That said one I did not originate and my all time favorite rumor was the one favored for an extraordinarily long time in certain Jefferson parish political circles which held that I was in actuality, Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s brother. This in turn can only mean that the ignorance was stunning. Lest I digress.

In any event lets kick up the rumor mill (which does not need my help right now) with the latest from USA v Jackson:

USA v Jackson Doc 45

I’m a big believer in the sanctity of anonymous commenting as it is grounded both in our constitution and the best tradition of our founding fathers. That said sometimes constitutional rights collide and the courts have to figure out which right reigns supreme. One way that can be done is via ye ole In camera review. I want to be clear I am not predicting what Magistrate Wilkinson will do here but in criminal matters like USA v Jackson the accused’s constitutional rights to due process can override the first amendment if certain conditions are met.

Stay tuned.

9 thoughts on “It was about this time a year ago……..”

  1. This is all a lot of CRAP, being spewed by a GUILTY as sin Negro bureaucrat, who STOLE money. She CANNOT “benefit” by Comments made long before her trial UNLESS SHE CAN PROVE ACTUAL PREJUDICE, which she CANNOT DO. And if any prospective juror at her trial says he or she became “prejudiced” by Commenting on “” or elsewhere, then that person will be challenged, and not sit on the jury. And if the entire well was “poisoned”, then her remedy is a change of venue. I’d be more wary of prejudice by virtue of “juror nullification” and the prejudice that Negro jurors bring into the Courtroom IN FAVOR OF Negro THIEVES, particularly female Negro thieves. THIS IS BULLSHIT! Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. we believe this is ‘bullshit’ for other than racial connotations ashton. you are legally correct about the jury process . however the sanctity of constitutional free speech demands more than an ex parte motion before a court’s magistrate who should have recused himself in the first instance.

      jay, now joseph wilkinson, does not have clean hands in this matter – letten and his cohorts, mann, perricone et al, were responsible for his brother’s prosecution and conviction. the issues ms. jackson has brought before him concern themselves during a time period while letten was us attorney. magistrate wilkinson was recused from handling criminal matters during the jp scandals period, as was the entire judiciary of the edla. magistrate wilkinson should be recused now.

      we believe the procedurally lawful way for ms. jackson’s counsel to obtain an anonymous commenter’s identity is to file a ‘john doe’ lawsuit alleging indisputable and sufficient grounds for judicial review – and only then can the court instruct a web host to surrender the personal identity of the commenter if there is such preponderance of evidence to support said allegations.

      ms. jackson’s arguments are truly ‘much about nothing’.

  2. My enduring curiosity is if Magistrate Jay Wilkinson is as much a corrupt POS scumbag as (ex) Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson. If so; then undoubtably “the fix is already in”.

    1. The lawyers whose opinions I respect the most have long told me that Wilkinson is a straight shooter and exemplary Magistrate. I understand why you’d think that because his brother’s rep is terrible but it would take a lot to convince me otherwise about Magistrate Wilkinson.

      1. sorry doug, but we believe the rumors of jay, now Joseph, wilkinson, feeding cases to his brother, tom wilkinson, are too numerous to ignore-ie mole !

        1. It is now being reported on WWL radio news that Jenkins has been quoted as saying that some “nuclear” information may soon be coming forth ( Jackson’s subpoena revealing possible blogging by Letten?) that would reverse not only Nagin’s conviction but those of many other people prosecuted by U.S. Attorney’s Office.

          I say enough of this alleged U.S. Attorney Office misconduct as Nagin was convicted by a jury on overwhelming evidence including testimony from the scumbags he associated himself with at a time when NOLA was fighting for its life.

          In an analogy to one of Nagin’s famous quotes, # 13- namely ‘ The election is over and those who voted for someone else, get over it ‘, my advice to C. Ray is – There’s been a trial, you have been convicted, now get over it and we’ll all send you some Chocolates on yo’ bert-day which just by chance will also be the anniversary of yo’ sentence soon to be read this bert-day by Judge Berrigan.

          Meanwhile , while yo’ waiting fo’ yo’ bert-day surprise C. Ray relax, put yo’ bracelet legs up and enjoy The President’s singing “5-10-15-20-25-30 years of Love”

  3. Then “YOU ALL” should have experienced his “tag team” shenanigans with The “Dishonorable” Duval-Daley-Fayard in the “Victims of KATRINA” litigation, When I asked him (Wilkinson) on the record, “Your Honor, when did you learn that Calvin Fayard (Duval-Daley-Fayard’s close personal friend of long-standing) had been ‘secretly’ representing the State of Louisiana?”, his (Wilkinson’s) response was: “I don’t recall.” SCUM-BAG MOTHERFUCKER! Take it to the Bank. Ashton O’Dwyer.

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