Steppin’ out: Those “new” wards will be the death of me……

Wards 5 and 6 were annexed around 2007ish 2006ish so better late than never……

Mayor says residents’ failure to pay bills is keeping Bay behind ~ Geoff Belcher

Speaking of better late than never I also have this:

Three defendants settle out of court in Bay Tech lawsuit ~ Cassandra Favre and Geoff Belcher

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  1. So what exactly is the problem the Bay St. Louis mayor has diagnosed? Is it

    #1 City bills for service(s) to unknown number of properties, not apparently tracking whether or not those bills are actually paid? (Note: Some accountants might have a problem with this practice, as any such bills ought to show twice on the ledgers, thus enabling the accounts to balance…)

    #2 City provided service(s) for years to unknown numbers of properties never billing for said services?
    (Inquiring minds wonder if there is any evidence of any selection process other than random carelessness to determine who gets service(s) with the no bill option.)

    #3. The accounting system is unable to generate timely reports detailing which properties are billed, and the subset of properties in arrears? (Assumes that at least some properties in question have been billed and not collected.)

    #4. The use of the Hancock County GIS system is enough to make one wonder if the City actually has a list of occupied properties within the city limits. Not sure if that is something the City ought to be interested in knowing for any reason.

    #5 The annexation of Ward5 and Ward6 was actually a trojan horse operation by JPM to do to Bay St. Louis what it did to Jeff County. Alternate: It’s the vampire squid pulling strings in Bay St. Louis.

    You may choose none, one, or more than one.

    1. Exactly, if you take the Mayor at his word, as reported by the Echo, all paths lead to bad places. Last year water rates went up a year after the fact because the City discovered it was charging too little for the services. If that is true then it begs the question of exactly who was minding the store? Then again we also had an election in the interim.

      I still would have voted for Mayor Fillingame even if water had gone up $10/month. Haddanuff nails the behind the scenes political component. Reading between the lines it sounds like Jimmie Ladner wasn’t keen on getting drug into it. In politics it seems that no good deed goes unpunished.

  2. At an Oct. 2013 Council workshop, Ward I Councilman, Doug Seal, stated that 96.1% of their utility users pay their bills every month. Well, garbage (Solid Waste Services) is an entry on that bill. If 96.1% are paying, and the city increased rates in Oct., and borrowed $500,000 to pay arrears to Solid Waste and Hancock Utility Authority, then how in the heck are they still delinquent to these authorities?
    Bay St. Louis is only a collection agency for these two authorities–they do not possess any garbage trucks, or have any personnel. That money collected on behalf of Solid Waste and Utility Authority should go directly to them. It has no business getting “stuck” in Bay St. Louis city hall.
    By the way, would someone please ask Mayor Fillingame for his opinion on this from the standpoint of being the Chairman of the Solid Waste Board in addition to being the Mayor of a municipality that is getting away with not paying its bill.
    There’s more to this than blaming it on the residents of Wards 5 & 6. He could have done that last summer, but he was out in Wards 5 & 6 courting votes to get re-elected.
    No one with any sense is buying this story.

  3. Okay, update time on delinquent utilities in Bay St. Louis. I have other things to do with my time, and this story is tottering between boring and frustrating, but here goes:
    Mayor Fillingame appeared on WLOX last night still bemoaning those people in wards 5 and 6 that are keeping the city from being able to pay their bills. How many verses does this song have?
    The thing that is so insulting about this to these people is that they were courted for votes in the last two elections. They were good enough to be in the Ballot Box,(delinquent utilities and all) but now not worthy to be part of the city just because they elected a Councilman who asks questions and wants answerers, WHICH IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT–DE-ANNEX 5 AND 6, AND YOU GET RID OF HIM!!
    The Echo is reporting this morning that City Clerk Kolf is reporting figures of $112,000 delinquent in 5 and 6 at this point. One citizen in this area was actually approached by the Mayor himself to inform her that she was on the delinquent list. When she checked with Jimmie Ladner’s office, she confirmed what she already knew–she had paid for the entire year last July—7 months ago, so much for the powers that be and their promptness with posting accounts. Heaven only knows what the real amounts are, and we know we can’t rely on those in charge for accuracy.
    Anyway, the figures really don’t mean anything to me anymore–the principle of the matter is what is paramount at this point. In Sept. of 2013, Slabbed. org published the Bay St. Louis delinquent utility accounts which amounted to $259,000.00 for the entire city. NO ONE even cared, much less tried to collect and this included 7 city employees–one department head whose wife has now taken up photography.
    If they are going to make an issue of wards 5 and 6, they should also collect from everyone in every ward that is delinquent. It insults one’s intelligence to have to continue to state the obvious. Just do your job,
    Mr. Kolf, even though it is part-time, get something going here that makes sense.

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