What we have here is called Borromean Rings

Borromean Rings via Wikipedia
Borromean Rings via Wikipedia

The Brunnian Link is the key so allow me to stoke the rumor mill by circling back to the guy most everyone thinks is responsible for the implosion of Team Letten:

2 indicted in film tax credit scheme involving 807 Esplanade mansion ~ Ken Daly

N.O. businessman charged with defrauding film tax-credit program ~ Donny Monteverde

And that guy is not Mayor Half-Moon’s Deputy Mayor Emily Sneed Arata’s Hubby Michael now facing a federal indictment via Team Polite but the familial / social circles run from City Hall straight to the Riverbirch Landfill so Mr. Arata’s lawyer should ring a few bells.  Silent and deadly what we have here is a Ninja Lawyer, just ask Slim:

Let’s review:

New U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite shakes up office, hires outsider for key post ~ Ginny LaRoe

New U.S. attorney announces reorganization of office ~ Jeff Adelson

And now 3 pdf files:

USA v Jackson Doc 33 Order and Reasons

USA v Jackson Doc 42

USA v Jackson Doc 43

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