BREAKING: Janus to cop a plea

Here is the salient minute entry text:

NOTICE OF HEARING as to Michael Janus: Change of Plea Hearing set for 2/10/2014 at 01:30 PM in Courtroom 1 (Hattiesburg) before District Judge Keith Starrett. (scp)

Anita Lee’s writeup on same:

Janus plans to change not guilty plea in public corruption case

Scott Walker gets his wish and will now face these charges alone. It is reasonable to expect that Janus will now be testifying against Walker.

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      1. Somewhere way back in the day I recall then Lite Gov Amy Tuck using Janus and the extra small house district he reped as justification for the legislature gerrymandering the overall makeup of the legislature to over represent the northern half of the state with lots of -%5 districts.

        He’s the gift that keeps on giving.

      2. Could be Scott is spending all available cash trying to keep Trinity happy like, as an example, getting her that new $100,000.+ silver Mercedes S550 she has been seen driving around town. Takes a lot under the circumstances to keep the Indians from going on the war path or divorce path in his case. Janus, being unemployed and attorney poor, is having a hard time while Scott still lives in a cloud. Money is tight for both but for different reasons.

      3. That’s for 2013 taxes, sheesh no one has paid those yet. I haven’t filed my own 2013 taxes but I shall certainly do that now before someone looks up my address.

    1. I predict that Tina Shumate is next. After her sister was threatened with indictment in the beginning and was then not charged she has been trying to find a way to work a deal and get some distance from the Walker gang, even sitting as far away from them as possible in the court room. She was unsuccessful in her request for a separate trial and I think she is left no choice but to testify against the Walkers to save herself and maybe other family members. With her brother as her unofficial legal advisor they should be close to a deal that will limit her time at a minimum security club fed. In my opinion it only makes sense for her to plead to something then turn full speed towards this gang like a nuclear torpedo. I think she has the ability to sink all ships and will do so. Of course, as always, this is just my thoughts and not based on any inside operators.

      1. No doubt, “The Sista’s” seem to have left behind a legacy that most will not forget. Members of the inside operations team gathered intelligence early that indicated they actually worked within the same office space on a lower level within the facility. God only knows what it was like to have to work in that kind of an environment. Of course, it appeared to be totally acceptable to Bill Walker.

  1. Like most who follow the DMR saga, I fully expected weak link Janus to plead guilty in a deal that will have him telling all he knows per the advice of his attorney Brad Pigott, a former U.S. Attorney. I also believe he has information on other corrupt deals that have taken place involving the Walkers and others. What does he know about Ocean Expo? What is the real agreement between Moby Solangi and Sharon-Bill Walker? How did D”Iberville end up paying so much for the land where Ocean Expo was proposed? We know Maxwell-Walker represented Ocean Expo and directed Moby to D’Iberville after he had agreed to locate in Biloxi. Who got paid for this besides the land seller? Who really owns the Riverside development with Joe Cloyd? What part, if any, did Michael Janus play and was Scott Walker involved in helping secure the CDBG funds? Who are all nine of the owners of the Columns @ 132 and are they involved in any other criminal enterprises using their influence? These are all questions Janus has answers to and now has nothing to loose but fake friendships and will spend much less time in federal prison by providing the right info to the FBI.

      1. The city of D’Iberville appears to be the epicenter of the schemes formulated at the Columns bar and the DMR building. All of the players seem to come together in the little D. Even the HCUD investigation currently ongoing has fingers in D’Iberville. Every name we have discussed has a connection to possible wrong doing that is under a USDOJ microscope. From the Walkers, Solangi, Janus all the way to Shaun Anthony, they all came to play. Fertile ground indeed.

        1. No one wants to investigate Hornsby? The crooked lawyer over in D’Ville or the fact the Mayor works/worked at DMR? Have they been questioned? Good for Janus changing his plea, he’s a brown noser if I ever saw one. Why would D’Ville try to hide the fact that Scott Walker and Robbie Maxwell’s firm did work for them? BECAUSE THE MAYOR WORKS AT DMR IS MY GUESS! No doubt Schumate and Janus will both throw anyone under the bus to make themselves look better or stay out of the big house. I can’t wait to hear what all comes out about this scummy little North Biloxi city.

          1. Good points PS. Hornsby was one of the owners of the [email protected] The Mayor is a conflict of all conflicts that involves the DMR, IMMS, the Walker Gang ect.,ect. This city built on TIFs could very well implode.

  2. My Fellow Americans,

    For the latest news on what your state government is doing for you at the DMR, the SH published an informative story:

    After close reading the story carefully this morning I believe I can see through the smoke screen but I am still puzzled about the following riddle contained within the article:

    Miller stated “But we need to make some more realignment within the alignment and we need to do it sooner rather than later.”

    If someone has a secret decoder ring that may help please inform the public as I am stumped as to what this actually means.

    Now for the meat and potatoes:

    The story’s title starts off with, and also mentions the topic of DMR firings. It appears that this is a great subject of CONcern for Miller with respect to the reputation he has created for himself. The article also quoted him as stating: “he needs to be out from under the constraint of the state Personnel Board to finish his “realignment” of the agency.” This very well may be true in some aspects but it does not appear that he has been constrained by the board since he took the job last year. For example, as I have mentioned before, there have been multiple jobs filled at the DMR which were not advertised. Perhaps one of his constraints entail the hiring of a Marine Patrol Chief. In my public opinion, there seems to be something behind this since the position has been advertised twice since it became vacant and now, its listed on the bill as an “appointed position.”

    The SH story continues on and states:

    “A bill that passed the Senate this week and awaits action in the House would create a CFO and CSO in the agency. Miller said he doesn’t plan to replace either CFO Bill Feidt nor CSO Kelly Lucas, nor does he plan to fire anyone else.”

    I would like to know why it would take a state bill to create these two positions when the positions seem to have already been created by Miller himself?

    He continues on and is also quoted in the SH stating in part:

    “And we just need to really in a few places to just realign ourselves and make sure our job functions line up with our job descriptions.”

    Again, why would it take a state bill to do this? It seems, any worthy state government organization would have the authority to independently assign generalized work to personnel and it seems that it should have been something that could have been resolved within the DMR HR department and/or the state personnel board. On a side note, I can not help but laugh that qualifications listed for the CFO and CSO positions require, and seem to exhibit more qualifications than the director has himself.

    Now for the good stuff. I think the bill does contain some goodies that are in the public’s best interest. The reorganization of department offices appear like it will help streamline the DMR and improve structure and efficiency. The annual audit is a great idea also. But, why only include the DMR in the bill? Why not make it statewide to include other state run agencies? I believe Stacy Pickering mentioned something to the fact that he has seen this before when other agencies end up on a “slippery slope.” For him to publicly make a comment like that gives me the impression that its a problem readily exists around the entire state.

    Here is my overall impression and opinion of the state bill and the “realignment within the alignment:”

    The main, and ultimate goal of the bill was to lift the state employee protection. To help with a positive public opinion and legislature buy-off it was packed with additional fluff to give the appearance of a grand plan to save the DMR. Not to mention, the bill was authored by Wiggins who was pictured in a photograph provided by Biloxi-Blues on a fishing trip with “the old regime” as Wiggins called it.

        1. I hate to keep posting the same picture but I think it is a good reminder of the hypocrisy we are dealing with in politics. To be fair, I invite Sen. Wiggins to send in other pictures of the free DMR private chartered fishing trips that he may have participated in if he has not already deleted them. Love to have some of he and cohorts holding some fishy’s to match the smell.

          1. Biloxi Blues

            It’s great to see your in high gear this morning. I agree with your posts and you have made solid points. Especially noting the hypocrisy that exists within the regime.

            Stay tuned, we should be receiving some additional comments on this topic from an inside operator: Eye-Know

      1. Eye – Everything that you have listed is so true. What you are missing are the initial connections from the Picayune area. I understand that those “leaders” over there have hunkered down and shut their mouths, as one of them is in a high position in the House of Representatives. This scam involves so many and it will take the RICO conspiracy act to round them all up.
        I do not expect for the CFO or CSO to be let go because the CFO is a neighbor of Exec. Director of the Agency, and the CSO is a trusted “friend” and tied in with a past scandal involving some marsh land that was sold to unsuspecting locals. (Maybe her education in Coastal Science helped her out here?)
        So, Mr Director wants to secure permanent positions for those two as they are part of the “new regime”. I fear that until the FBI circles the wagons and gets them all, we will have to sit back and watch this show because I am sure that they are also “dear friends” of our wonderful State Auditor, Stacey Pickering.
        And another note of interest is that the Mayor of d’Iberville is not involved in this fiasco. I realize that it looks like that, but he was hired at the DMR working for pennies (not like the rest of the CONnected clan). And all I have spoken with said that he worked and earned every penny of his salary out on the water during the winter months. Time will tell that this is so. He was pushed to the side while the CONprofit overran his town..
        Although we miss Danoose at the Sun Herald, I want to send a big thanks out to Anita Lee for the continued work she is doing on this important conspiracy. That also goes for Doug Handshoe for all he does to keep us informed and helping with the investigation. Can’t wait to see the cuffs go on the all!

        1. I can’t vouch for the picayune political clan connection other than a few loose rumors. However, It does appear that some people from the picayune area seem to be equipped with “special desired skills” and have been able to escape all the lime light. I agree with your comment about not letting go the new CFO and CSO. After all, at least one of them rolled up in the DMR in no contest style.

          Of course, I don’t see an end coming to the fishy hiring practices either. Wait till the new office director for the “R and R” department is selected. Take note on how that person was not directly mentioned in the sun herald.

          I think a more fitting description would have been “a pre-alignment before the realignment within the alignment”

  3. The CFO with a Bernie Ebber’s WorldCom work history who was a friend from the past of Millers has been awfully quiet. This is the first time I have heard his name since he came aboard. I guess he has been working closely with the outside accounting firm that Frontier Gulf Coast brought aboard as their subcontractor. Or maybe he has been in training for other activities. Could CFO mean Chief Fishfrying Officer. The person that previously held that position has retired. Somebody has got to keep the grease at 350 for the seafood cookouts that have influenced so many politicians over the years. The CSO just might be the most appropriately educated person in the Bolton Building based on the Sunherald article. I remember her being one of the candidates for the DMR director job. Did she not do a faux interview with the Governor? We know she and the state rep. from Hancock County were two out of the final three. Was Miller #3? I think not. What we do know is that he was #1 before there was a final 3. Will we see more contracts to bogus firms formed just days prior to the contract dates for the sole purpose of getting inside? Miller has done great damage to himself and has very little respect from the people who work there. He did not expect to be questioned so intensely by so many. His total lack of experience in the management of others has been very obvious. A director with no experience, a CFO that came from the telecommunication industry, a group of Frontiersmen invited in to explain it all has not worked out so well. The CSO might be the only thing he got right so far. He at least has somebody to tell him what to look for when they boat him out to the oyster reefs so he does not “clam up”. He has got to be able to say open or close. Eye-Know where yat ?

    1. I know there have been conspircy theories about Lucas but nothing has seemed to surface. There is a stong possibility that is probably all it was anyway.
      With her credintials I would guess her market value is 100k plus and suitable for a position like that. In my opinion she probably had a strong gender discrimination suit when Miller was selected over her and should have taken the State and Phil to the cleaners. I have personally thought for awhile now that her now being employed at the DMR was simply to keep shit from splattering on the governors office wall after Miller won the political race. After all, she did assume the position right after and now we have a bill in progress to authorize it.

      Of course, there could have been a top secret plan in place where miller was put position to destroy a few lives, do the dirty work, look like a hero then Lucas will assume the job when the smoke clears.

      1. Who really knows except for the chosen few. What I do know is one of the theories is correct, just don’t know which one. What has gone on since Dr. William Walker was discovered to be a crook(innocent until he pleads guilty) has been strange indeed or maybe we just got a taste of what has been going on in state politics forever. Oh well, I am going to get a good nights sleep so I can be prepared for the Michael Janus guilty as charged to at least one count plea. This will lead to a whole new round of who he gives up theories I also need to prepare for.

  4. Sorry, Biloxi Blues. Just now catching up on this weekend’s posts. One thing I would like to comment on is Eye-Spy’s question about why Tina Shumate’s management of monies that were used to purchase her parents’ propriety just went away and why her sister’s alleged offenses were swept under the rug while others who perhaps wouldn’t cooperate with the regime were charged with offenses that may have just been accounting errors. Maybe, just maybe, it’s because the Hebert Queen mum has connections that run so deep and north into the state, that she has access to a broom so large that it can sweep family dirt away from the coast and DC into obliovion. It will be interesting when some of those in the know will be able to speak freely.

    As for the Miller puppet, I agree that the bill’s main purpose is to clean house and get rid of those who have not been cooperative. His nose is so long now I’m surprised he still fits inside the Bolton Building.

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