I’m very pleased to report

That House Bill 44 has cleared some very important procedural hurdles and remains very much alive, now assigned to the House Judiciary committee. On the not so good news front it appears Representative Richard Bennett of Long Beach may have snookered the Sun Herald last month. I mention this because in January the paper ran a story about Bennett working with Auditor Pickering to insure every state agency is audited. Heck, they even did an editorial on it. I know I’ve been checking periodically to see how Bennett’s legislation is doing and everytime I go to his legislative web page this is what I see on that issue:


That’s right folks, it appears Bennett was blowing smoke up Stan Tiner’s hiney which is likely why we got this OpEd today:

Rather than piecemeal accountability, require annual audits of all state agencies ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

I’m on board with you guys on this annual audit requirement. Too bad the crickets are chirping on House Bill 44 (except here of course).

Next up from the ICYMI files Sharon Walker’s man servant Moby Solangi announced that Walker was retiring last month:

Fate of Ocean Expo in D’Iberville could be decided in next month ~ Mary Perez

The word I get is Solangi has already approached other cities trying to salvage Ocean Expo. The problem is the whole deal was conceived to benefit the Walker family and now that their political empire has fallen, making it work will be an almost impossible challenge. The tally of the financial carnage includes the taxpayers of D’Iberville being stuck paying off debt on a parcel of land that is no longer suitable for the Aquarium. At least the land is still valuable, albeit for a different use.

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  1. Parts of the bill are good. The bill also has some parts that will have a negative out come. Those parts need to be addressed by the house

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