Its Official: LSU Porno Shatters every existing Slabbed traffic record

It was one of those posts that I knew would generate both some heat and public interest. Shared over 4,000 6000 times with traffic from academia leading the way it’s gonna take way more than an oil spill or an extorting Tranny to knock it off the top of the Slabbed hit parade.

Nagin Week 2: Wanna get away?

A cynic would point out Jason is assuming Nagin and Jenkins were engaged in critical thinking as he gives his first hand thoughts and impressions of the Week 1 testimony in USA v Nagin:

At this point I have no idea what Nagin and Jenkins were thinking by taking this to trial. The defense was basically out to lunch.

Betraying the lack of a working knowledge of the Federal Rules of Evidence is not a good sign for Team Nagin. These type things are what the group of seasoned lawyers talking with me are noticing. How about some lovely music. Continue reading “Nagin Week 2: Wanna get away?”