5 thoughts on “Time to leave the 19th century behind…..”

  1. I feel a flag is important to unite not divide. We need to be showing the positive beauty of our state not an old idea some still cling to. Like the current politics we are burdened with it is time for a change, lets move forward.

  2. Both of my sons were taken aback when noticing the MS flag for the first time. One was 15 and the other 12 when noticing. Last year the boys and I were staying at the Gulfport Ramada for a soccer tourney. The 12 year old called from the motel after looking out of the window to tell me that the motel next door was racist.

  3. Yeah! Let’s all rally below the “Black Flag of Liberation”, which will continue to fly while the “miniature” Confederate Battle Flag, which was once part of the Mississippi State Flag, is relegated to the dust-bin of history. Oh, yeah! And don’t forget to celebrate Mardi Gras with ZULU this year, with the parade theme honoring the Communist TERRORIST Nelson Mandela. That’ll “UNITE” all of us, huh? Ashton O’Dwyer.

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