9 thoughts on “All Indications are Gene Taylor will be running for Congress”

    1. I continue to be amazed that people think the country is run by the congress. We are no less slaves simply because we elect a new master every four years.

  1. Has he announced that he has changed parties? I know there was something in the Sun Herald a while back, but I can’t remember exactly what he said other than if you want to win on a national level in Miss. you have to be a Republican. Can’t remember if he said he would change parties, or maybe he has already made the announcement. Just wondering.

  2. Thanks, didn’t remember exactly how he put it. So, I guess if he announces a party change, we’ll know or he’ll do it all at the same time. I always felt bad for the House of Reps. because they have to raise all this money every 2 years. They must feel like it never ends. If he’s going to put together a campaign, he’d better start, especially if there is a party change. Promises to be interesting; that’s for sure.

  3. I think it’s good that he may be back on the campaign scene but I would much rather see him go for the governors spot. :)

  4. Congressman Taylor truly cares about the people of South Mississippi. Personally, my family and I are Republicans that always voted for Gene. It doesn’t matter if Gene runs as a Republican or Democrat, he will win. Steven Palazzo seems to be a good person, but a bad Congressman. Palazzo’s staff are worse than he is. I truly miss the days of Gene Taylor, Stephen Peranich, Beau Gex, and others that served South Mississippi with great honor.

    1. You have to be a brother from another mother. That is exactly the way I see it. I really hated the TEA party as I think that it threw Taylor under the bus for being a person who would compromise to get things done. I would vote for him if he was a Communist, but not a Socialist like Obama. Obama’s wealth transfer policies (especially from the young to the old, who don’t need it) are killing ambition in America. And as for “income inequity”, what about “leisure inequity”, huh? What about all those people who sat on their backsides looking for a check in the mail and drinking Bud Light while I was working three jobs? Why can’t the government mandate that they give me some of their leisure if I have to give them my money? I could use it!

  5. Smokin Dolphin,
    Basically, I agree with you with the exception of your statement about the older citizens not needing money.
    This may not be true in the future considering the laziness and entitlement mentality of some of our young today ( I said “some”) but today’s current seniors may be the last generation to know what it is to really work for a living. And don’t think they “liked” every job they had; nevertheless they worked in order to keep home and hearth going. To say there is a generation gap between today’s youth and seniors is an understatement–the seniors are light years ahead of toady’s generation with regard to work ethics.
    Some of their meager incomes barely cover medicine. Go ask anyone who volunteers with the St. Vincent de Paul Society.
    While I agree on practically nothing with President Obama, I am old enough to tell you that ambition in some of the young people in America was destroyed long before he came on the scene. However, he and Congress have done little to nothing to bring it back. The social programs have become secure voting blocks for some of our “representatives.”

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