The Sierra Club issues a PR promoting House Bill 842 / Senate Bill 2569

Jackson, Mississippi As the movement against the Kemper County coal plant continues to grow, Mississippi State Representative Jeff Guice (R-Ocean Springs) and Senator Albert Butler (D-Port Gibson) have introduced bills to repeal last year’s legislation authorizing Mississippi Power Company to issue bonds and force customers to pay for them. The law enabled Mississippi Power to issue up to $1 billion in bonds to offset the skyrocketing cost overruns at the Kemper County coal plant, an experimental facility that is currently months behind schedule and more than double its original cost estimates.

“One year after the Legislature was misled by Mississippi Power on the true costs of the Kemper boondoggle, the chickens have come home to roost,” said Louie Miller, state director of the Mississippi Sierra Club. “Since last year, Mississippi Power has taken us deeper down the rabbit hole, with the Kemper plant’s price tag now exceeding $5 billion dollars, making Kemper the most expensive coal-fired power plant ever built in the United States on a per kilowatt basis. Hard working Mississippi families should not have to pay for the bad business decisions of Mississippi Power.”

The 2013 legislation was filed just days after the Mississippi Public Service Commission announced a settlement agreement with Mississippi Power to resolve disputed rate increases to cover the runaway costs of the plant. The Mississippi State Legislature approved the legislation, and Governor Phil Bryant then signed it into law. The new law gave Mississippi Power the authority to issue up to $1 billion in bonds to cover cost overruns at the Kemper plant, to be financed through a separate charge on customers’ monthly electric bills. Continue Reading……………

It took days to seat a jury in the Broussard Katrina pump flood case…..

Shazam! Team Nagin managed to do the same task in a higher profile case in a day and then off we zoom to opening arguments. Here is the takeaway the lawyers are talking about from’s live coverage:

3:27 p.m.: Jenkins’ presentation is scattershot. It doesn’t even sound like he made an outline. Prosecuors on the other hand laid everything out in a highly detailed and organized presentation, illustrated with PowerPoint slides.

3:35 p.m.: Jenkins just wrapped up. He free-styled the entire thing. Didn’t even have notes. Coman, meanwhile, had his prewritten, it seems.

The entire Team Nagin extravaganza took 12 minutes. My mind is open to the possibility Ray Ray gets over 20.