Goatherder Legal: Chicken meets roost as pay up or contempt time arrives

From the Eyewitness NewsTM crash and burn files it appears Judge Vance has run out of patience with Danny Abel not paying his court ordered sanctions. (Vital background here) Click the pic to score the 4 page PDF where Judge Vance tells Abel to pay up or face contempt of court:

Martin v Magee Danny Abel_sanctions

Portions of the Bay Tech Building lawsuit settle

Depositions were slated to begin this week so this is not necessarily a surprise:

Magnolia Group v O'Dwyer et al Doc 52
Terms not disclosed confidential settlement. Click to pic to obtain the 2 page pdf file

Procedurally this means Magnolia Group is suing O’Dwyer Reality and its former agent Mary Bunch. That said O’Dwyer cross sued LNG, Rigsby, Nicaud and Bunch so the gang is tied still together in litigation. The Gordian Knot that is this lawsuit largely remains.

From the LSU porno scene to the Tiger Sugar Daddies……

Ashley, a 20-year-old LSU student from Lafayette, has a secret.

Not any more she doesn’t.


Website links co-eds with ‘sugar daddies’ ~ Koran Addo

Over the past few days internally here at Slabbed we’ve been talking the ye ol’ call girl network, which a discriminating muckraker will tell you is often a very valuable source of muck. The themes involving the human condition that makes sex + pillow talk + another “catalyst” are as old as humankind itself as the more historically recent example of Mata Hari illustrates. That informational network is a tricky thing to navigate as the gang all are keenly aware that hookers that know too much and talk often have a habit of ending up dead. As a group the women are brutally self honest about what they are in “whores”, such self honesty I respect greatly.

With that set up my opinion is most common folks look at prostitution from a big picture standpoint rather than a legalistic one.  Any sex act in exchange for a quid pro quo / accommodation is gonna be viewed through that lens by all but the lawyerly types. It shows in the comments to Addo’s story such as this one:

She said her “sugar daddy” pays her a $1,200 “allowance” for every weekend they spend together. She said there is intimacy between them but it hasn’t progressed to sex. And she sometime goes a couple of times a month. Yeah, right. Just to be eye candy hanging on his arm. Either she’s a liar or he’s impotent. Continue reading “From the LSU porno scene to the Tiger Sugar Daddies……”