Today’s feature personal ad: Are you tired of getting screwed by Mississippi Power

Since Barbara was brave enough to bring up perversion and the gender divide I reckon I’ll be brave enough to link to the following personal ad, which I’ve been holding for a while. (H/T Anonymous with standard disclaimer caution to those with a Heart Conditions etc about clicking that link above because it is a wild wild wild world out there):

Are you tired of getting screwed by Mississippi Power.

By twotired2sleep on Friday, November 22, 2013 – 11:50 pm:

Then I have just the cure. F&^k one of their VP’s wife. She is almost ready to divorce his red headed ass and now she wants some real c#@k. The only catch is she wants to be [email protected]#%ed in their bed and have you wipe your c*m dripping c#@k on his pillow. Post on here if interested.

My reaction upon seeing that for the first time was…

I only thought I’d been around the internet folks. Attention all ginger execs with Southern Company…….

14 thoughts on “Today’s feature personal ad: Are you tired of getting screwed by Mississippi Power”

  1. Wow !!! What an ad .The new meaning of MPC is mighty personal cirCUMstances. Hope she gets her wish and he gets the message. Kemper boils my blood almost as much as that lying lobbyist fat ass ex-governor does traveling around the state trying to convince everybody that this experiment is the future. Every time I get my power bill I want to sharpen my pitch forks.

  2. There is a new editorial on SH this morning. Although I am not going to bash their opinion, I did not like how a big part of the bill was essentially unexplained in the editorial. A part of the bill that outlined lifting the state employee protection was not even mentioned. It was rather disguised simply as “restructuring” which is a very broad and unspecific term. To the common reader, it leaves them uninformed of all the facts.

  3. Looking at this photo from the past DMR “Regime” I am very suspicious of anything Sen. Wiggins is behind. Wonder if he ever reimbursed the public for this private fishing trip paid for with public money ? How much cash did theses past poachers give him in campaign contributions thru the Marine Resource Foundation? To have any credibility he should first pay his tab and tell how many times he attended these catered fishing parties.

    1. Great find. I thought something was “fishy”when he used the word “regime” in regards to the former DMR leadership.

  4. Wiggin’s greatest fear, like many other politicians who participated in the DMR timeshares, maybe if Ms.Fish and Wildlife takes control all of the perks they enjoyed will be given to others in Jackson. Strange how none of those exposed for misusing the publics money thru DMR have ever stepped forward with as much as an apology to the taxpayers who paid for it but had no access to the same expensive samplings as the elected few. Very sad when these people somehow justify the wrongdoing like McKay did during his run for mayor over in Ocean Springs. Not one penny offered not one apologetic word said. Hopefully the others will have the results as McKay did at the polls next time.

    1. How about this. Each and every politician and state employee who took a ride on these boats at one time or another for recreational purposes be should be served with an indictment.

        1. Eye…I don’t think that there will be any repercussions for any of them. Has anyone looked at the donations and support these Senators were given. I’m sure you will find the same likely pals. And I was told recently that Sheriff Byrd has a brother that is a Judge. Supposedly this Judge was the one that threw out Scott Walker’s drunk charge. Is there any truth to that?
          This thing is so tangled up that they would have to put the entire bunch in prison (which is what I think they should do). If the right thing isn’t done, and we sit back and take this, then we get just what we deserve. There should be a march on Jackson (which should have already happened) so that the politicians know that we are not going to stand for any more of this debauchery. And isn’t it amazing how all of the rats have left the ship and are never mentioned anymore?? Wonder where the “let’s go walking” chap is???? Probably sitting on his fat butt on his front porch sipping mint julips. (At least that’s who he THINKS he is….chuckle).

          1. This is correct. Judge Byrd who helped Scott Walker get out of the DUI charge is the blood brother of Mike Byrd. He also signed search warrants for some of Sheriff Byrd’s sex crime crusades. look for all of this to come up soon.

          2. RFP I agree with what the judge did not do. Scott Walker’s attorney Miller did a good job for him. I have been told by law enforcement that they felt a lot of pressure to not prosecute or pursue correcting the paperwork in question. The final outcome of Walker’s DUI case was all about a technicality that some say could have been corrected and resubmitted. He got very lucky that all agreed to let it go because he knew he was driving drunk.

  5. CS,

    I know there will not be any repercussions for anyone else that is in the regime. Although I don’t see a problem with indicting them, making them spend thousands in lawyer fees to prove that they are in fact innocent. After all, the regime would have no problem doing that to people who are not within the inner circle. .

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