Broussard Katrina Flood Trial: Week 2 Concludes with Parish Prez John Young on the Stand

And Paul Purpura has been there covering the trial for NOLA Media Group. Here is a snippet from his story on John Young taking the stand:

Jefferson Parish President John Young spent an hour on the witness stand Friday in the Hurricane Katrina flood trial, distancing himself from his predecessor, Aaron Broussard, and vowing that drainage pump operators will never leave the parish on his watch. “I disagreed with it then. I disagree with it now,” Young testified…

To me the question is how will a jury view all the testimony they’ve heard to date. With all the contradictions between the testimony of the elected officials opn who knew what, where and when I think the jury will either:

  1. Take it out of Aaron Broussard’s hide, which in turn would give me a nice warm fuzzy feeling.
  2. Tune all the testimony out and punt.

My guess is they will take it out of Broussard’s hide but let’s not count our chickens just yet. Mantime Jeff Adelson over at the Advocate also wrote an account of Young’s testimony yesterday:

Jefferson Parish president blasts Katrina evacuation decision

Here are links to several other updates posted by Paul Purpura to over the last few days:

In Katrina flooding trial, Westwego officials describe efforts to turn on drainage pump

Testimony in Katrina flood trial paints unflattering picture of Jefferson Parish response

Emergency chief in Katrina says Aaron Broussard, Parish Council should have known of ‘doomsday plan’

I’m afraid Mr. Broussard knew mainly how to cash in on his elected position to line his own pockets.  I base observation upon my review of his files that he unwisely kept at the Yenni Building and to which the Young Administration granted Slabbed New Media access in 2012 along with his subsequent admissions of being a felonious piece of crap. The misery inflicted by Broussard on his fellow citizens in 2005 is gonna take more Hail Mary’s to wash away than the man has time left to say ’em all folks.

5 thoughts on “Broussard Katrina Flood Trial: Week 2 Concludes with Parish Prez John Young on the Stand”

  1. While I agree that what Broussard did was idiotic, at the end of the day, the appellate courts will probably negate any jury verdict for plaintiffs.

    B. Liability shall not be imposed on public entities or their officers or employees based upon the exercise or performance or the failure to exercise or perform their policymaking or discretionary acts when such acts are within the course and scope of their lawful powers and duties.C. The provisions of Subsection B of this Section are not applicable:(1) To acts or omissions which are not reasonably related to the legitimate governmental objective for which the policymaking or discretionary power exists; or(2) To acts or omissions which constitute criminal, fraudulent, malicious, intentional, willful, outrageous, reckless, or flagrant misconduct.

    1. Excellent point, and from Purpura’s articles, “discretionary function” appears to be the main defense. Closing argument for Parish: “Ladies and gentlemen, this might have been a terrible plan, but the Parish did, in fact, have a plan. This is undisputed. So, the law says that no liability can be imposed.”

      BUTT, it’s the “outrageous, reckless, or flagrant misconduct” that might knock out this defense.

    2. Except, here, Truitt, this would result in a retrenchment of decisions by both Federale and Louisiana Supremes if such happens. The equation would have to be on the order of determining mandatory requirements imposed by the federales and incorporated into the acts of assurance with the Corpse Of Engineers are transfigured into non-mandatory. In all due respects, I would agree that the 4rth and the La Jesters would do so purely political reasons merely to avoid tagging local government agencies with responsibility when such can get slid further up the statist food chain, to the boys in D.C.

  2. And let me stick my neck out: I say that the case NEVER gets to the jury. Peytavin, whose son and his law partners have earned MILLIONS from Jefferson Parish as Counsel for the Parish in REAMS of litigatiuon, is going to see to THAT. And the PLC in this case never even filed a recusal motion! There: I’ve stuck my neck out, and for once I really hope I’m WRONG, and that someone cuts it off. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Rumor has it dat dis’ case will be basis of new A&E reality show named “Jefferson Klondike”.

      Da’ pilot rating doe be poor on dis’ boring prospector story – as alls dat beez done be Payvin’ , Payvin’ and mo’ Payvin’ a long golden, nepotistic road wit’ Jefferson money right up to a big ass, empty hole.

      Darlene, workin’ partner in da’ Mickey Mouse Mining Co. who dug deep into da’ Broussard vein, is featured in cameo role as da’ mystery, disillusioned miner. At large bull- dozer men, Chris and Elton, and supeervisor of drilling don’t know dere’ asses from empty hole in da’ ground.

      RATED: $$$

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