Today’s feature personal ad: Are you tired of getting screwed by Mississippi Power

Since Barbara was brave enough to bring up perversion and the gender divide I reckon I’ll be brave enough to link to the following personal ad, which I’ve been holding for a while. (H/T Anonymous with standard disclaimer caution to those with a Heart Conditions etc about clicking that link above because it is a wild wild wild world out there):

Are you tired of getting screwed by Mississippi Power.

By twotired2sleep on Friday, November 22, 2013 – 11:50 pm:

Then I have just the cure. F&^k one of their VP’s wife. She is almost ready to divorce his red headed ass and now she wants some real c#@k. The only catch is Continue reading “Today’s feature personal ad: Are you tired of getting screwed by Mississippi Power”

Indictment rumors are swirling in Jefferson Parish

Like chootin’ fish in a barrel folks.  Here are the areas people are talking about.

The Housing Authority checks in as number 1.  Ben Myers wrote a piece for a week or so back that touches on several areas of interest.

Number 2 is Thompson Thibodeaux Community Development Corp., a story that Slabbed helped pioneer and when you talk about Thompson Thibodeaux you gotta include former Councilman Byron Lee and his cuz/predecessor Mark Spears, especially since Lee pulled the race card back in November to explain his nefarious activities with respect to Thompson Thibodeaux.

Here are a few other links of interest:

Byron Lee, Mark Spears bristle at audit report that public money helped their relatives, associates ~ Andrea Shaw

After four months in limbo, political pawn lands different job, higher pay ~ Adriane Quinlan

Jefferson Parish inspector general, president agree on email access; Councilman Mark Spears unsatisfied ~ Ben Myers

Jefferson inspector general regains access to all parish email ~ Jeff Adelson

Stay tuned because my best sources in Jefferson Parish are urging me to stay frosty and alert.

Broussard Katrina Flood Trial: Week 2 Concludes with Parish Prez John Young on the Stand

And Paul Purpura has been there covering the trial for NOLA Media Group. Here is a snippet from his story on John Young taking the stand:

Jefferson Parish President John Young spent an hour on the witness stand Friday in the Hurricane Katrina flood trial, distancing himself from his predecessor, Aaron Broussard, and vowing that drainage pump operators will never leave the parish on his watch. “I disagreed with it then. I disagree with it now,” Young testified…

To me the question is how will a jury view all the testimony they’ve heard to date. With all the contradictions between the testimony of the elected officials opn who knew what, where and when I think the jury will either:

  1. Take it out of Aaron Broussard’s hide, which in turn would give me a nice warm fuzzy feeling.
  2. Tune all the testimony out and punt.

My guess is they will take it out of Broussard’s hide but let’s not count our chickens just yet. Mantime Jeff Adelson over at the Advocate also wrote an account of Young’s testimony yesterday:

Jefferson Parish president blasts Katrina evacuation decision

Here are links to several other updates posted by Paul Purpura to over the last few days: Continue reading “Broussard Katrina Flood Trial: Week 2 Concludes with Parish Prez John Young on the Stand”