3 thoughts on “Come Pay to Play with Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts”

  1. Gee, might some victim of the Jeff Parish Government flood ask an impertinent question of old Chris, such as why did you sit on your ass and say nothing when the “WMD” Plan was approved by Jeff Parish?

    Meanwhile, the Fourth Circuit will entertain arguments on Peytavin’s puzzling ruling denying Plaintiffs reference to Fed Regs which are part and parcel of flood protection whenever you accept Federale money.
    Is Peytavin the type of judge who doesn’t honor the silly notion of “lack of knowledge of the law is no defense”??

  2. Misprint- Chris Roberts “Request the pleasure of your company… “- should have been “Request the pleasure of your $500″… Dats why he bees da’ King Of JP Campaign Contributions but dem’ contributions from JP contractors still not nough fo’ his perpetual campaign parade and to fund his race fo’ da’ Presidency

    Tank you, Tank you- but no tank yo’ Chris at da’ Thanh Thanh *

    * Done always taught dat’ Chris had some orientail in da’ boy wit dem’ squinty eyes and always wantin’ to squat at 5AM checkin’ his campaign deposits

  3. interesting to note roberts launched a state police investigation against me based on false allegations to intimidate my group and then he is hosting a political fund raiser at a restaurant owned by the commander or troop B

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