Rope n throw n brand ’em: Tim Whitmer contradicts Aaron Broussard’s sworn testimony in the Broussard Flood suit.

Yes he did and that pesky ol’ Mount Hermon Louisiana keeps coming up time and again! Ol’ Aaron is making quite the convenient whipping boy there in his Granville County North Carolina prison cell.  Hows about some links folks:

Former top aide contradicts Broussard on pump operators’ evacuation ~ Chad Calder

Aaron Broussard knew of pump operator evacuations before Katrina, aide says ~ Paul Purpura

Editorially Slabbed believes that Broussard purposely ordered the pump operators away from their stations so as to be able to cash in on the resulting graft opportunities. We’ll see what the jury says soon enough.

Speaking of Broussard and his group of cronies, David Loeb, one of the gang that swore an affidavit for Trout Point Lodge in their Nova Scotia SLAPP suit against Louisiana Media Company has popped up again in the news like a bad penny this time wearing a wire on Ray Reggie, the former brother in law of the late Ted Kennedy:

Meeting with Mandeville businessman Raymond Reggie secretly recorded, witness says ~ Joe Gyan, Jr.

On a somewhat lighter note I did note the recent resignation of Kenner City Attorney Keith Conley and was saddened by the news. Over the course of doing Slabbed I’ve met a few of the municipal lawyerly types including Keith and he always treated Slabbed with the highest standards of professionalism. That said evidently the Kenner rumor mill is going strong or else we would not have seen this story today:

Kenner city attorney Keith Conley resigned for financial reasons ~ Adriene Quinlan

Finally we visit the magical video poker locale of Louillinois and the Chicago Tribune:

Lawmakers reject video gambling reforms | Obscure panel of lawmakers unexpectedly declined changes ~ Joseph Ryan

Here is the salient snippet:

In explaining the vote, state Rep. Lou Lang, D-Skokie, said the Gaming Board “exceeded their authority.” Lang, who has long supported gambling expansion and who has often been at odds with Jaffe over regulation, received about $70,000 in campaign contributions tied to a Louisiana businessman who could be excluded by the reform.

10 thoughts on “Rope n throw n brand ’em: Tim Whitmer contradicts Aaron Broussard’s sworn testimony in the Broussard Flood suit.”

  1. It has been written that mushroom and cheese operations in Mt Hermon ceased in ’98 (presumably after the $104,925.00 grant ran out). I wonder if the farm was then rented out by Jefferson Parish as a doomsday sanctuary? Increased Mt Hermon chatter in NOLA comments.

      1. Looking at Purpura’s responses, though, he also is shedding little light on the matter. Accepting at face value that Mt. Herman was well situated as being outside the Lake Pontchartrain flood zone is laughable – as some are asking, why NOT Baton Rouge, given that’s where the state’s resources for help are centered, at the Homeland Security area between Florida Avenue, Airline Highway, Goodwood and Constitution Street?
        What ever happened to truly inquisitive journalism??

    1. Jr: Mount Herman was an unknown entity before the JP pump operators were sent there. So the questions must then be asked as to why to Mt.Herman and who recommended such an unknown place. Was it in fact a place of political connections ?

      Were those questions ever asked to the politicos tied to the evacuation plan in deposition and if so what were their answers? Until those perplexing questions are asked and answered in truthful responses any investigation into the whys and reasons for such an evacuation to a place never heard of before will be about as productive as trying to milk a male goat.

      Why they weren’t housed at East Jeff and West Jeff hospitals ? I suspect because each politico wanted private rooms/accommodations and Roberts needed his own private 4G terlit to research all his campaign deposits at 5 AM each morning.

      My suspicion is that Mt.Herman has political ties of some sort. Someone should travel to the site and ask some hard questions of local citizens and of the owner of the property of what he/she was paid for the operators’ occupancy.

      Finally, while there erect an overdue historical marker reading, ” In August 2005 JP pump operators slept here while JP drowned”.

  2. I can relate to Aaron’s thinking. My wife cannot throw anything away so the last several days before Katrina I spent filling up my basement with all manner of junk. When I got back at the beginning of October and opened the basement I said, “Thank you, Jesus”: the basement had 4 feet of water in it and everything was destroyed.

  3. And my “obtuse” question is: Why not the Emergency Operations Center, where the Members of The Parish Seat were all huddled? Or West Jefferson General Hospital? Or East Jefferson General Hospital? And another “dumb” question: Just how many people in Jefferson Parish DIED in KATRINA? The “greatest risk’ for the evacuated pump workers, who were sent away at the one time they were needed the most, was driving on the highway evacuating the Parish, and coming back, too late to do a FUCKING BIT OF GOOD. I “think” the answer is ZERO people died in Jefferson Parish. And if anyone DID die, then they probably died as a result of “The Broussard Flood”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. Reporter Paul Purpura of “” had an article posted last night that stated that Judge Peytavin, whose son and son’s law partners have earned MILLIONS representing Jefferson Parish, and who should have recused himself after making THAT disclosure, has decided to EXCLUDE from evidence 33 Code of Federal Regulations Section 308.12(f)(2) on grounds of “relevancy”. Go figure. That Section clearly states: “Competent operators shall be on duty at pumping plants whenever it appears that necessity for pump operation is imminent”, such as a Category 5 hurricane bearing down on the Parish. Also, Engineering Regulations of the “Corpse of Engineers”, and more particularly ER-1110-2-3102 (which I can’t put my hands on at the moment) REQUIRED that pump stations be equipped with “back-flow valves” or “check valves” and the like, which would have prevented Lake Pontchatrain from emptying into the Parish once the pumps were no longer operation, for whatever reason. I do not know if “The Broussard Flood” Plaintiffs’ Liason Committee pleaded THAT, but both Wayne Weiser (retired Corpse of Engineers Civil Engineer, who the PLC SHOULD have called as an “expert witness”) and I furnished that information to the PLC long ago. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. For all of the “chest beating” and claims that “I couldn’t have lived with myself if people (ie. pumpworkers) had died”, damned few people in Jefferson Parish actually died in KATRINA. There is a STUDY by Brunkard, Namulanda and Ratard (all physcians), entitled: “Hurricane Katrina Deaths, Louisiana, 2005”, which was published by “Disaster Med Public Health Prep” in 2008. Only 5% of 854 Louisiana deaths studied occurred in Jefferson Parish, and the causes included drowning, injury and trauma, heart disease, illness and “unspecified”. As best as I can tell from the STUDY, there were only two (2) drowning deaths on the East Bank of Jefferson Parish, one of which was in close proximity to the 17th Street Canal, and another in the Western part of the Parish near I-10. This one could have actually CAUSED by shutting down the pumps and sending the pump workers away! I wonder if the Plaintiffs’ Liason Committee will attempt to challenge the “We were SAVING lives” argument with these or similar statistics. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Regardless of any medical study when you flood 40,000 homes and businesses there will be hundreds,if not thousands, of unnecessary strokes, heart attacks and overwhelming stress that causes, especially in the elderly, many to go over the edge into Alzheimer and other neurological diseases. And what about relocation auto accidents, destroyed marriages, separation of families , on and on….?

      And yet the ignoramus ego-centrist, lying MF who defended this absurd decision, said he deserved to be re-elected President again ? Where do jackass egos and arrogance of such a degree come from ? Is it genetic or environmentally developed ?

      According to evolution and the Theory of Natural Selection, that inferior species should die away from gene defects/ lack of adaptation, he should by all rights have naturally gone to heaven and been terminally eliminated from all future societal and emergency decisions when electrocuted years before Katrina as he stupidly decided to retrieve a young boy’s kite from an electrical line while arrogantly declaring “… not one kite shall be lost on my watch”.

  6. Given the cat is out of the bag on fed regulations, and certainly those regs were incorporated into any Acts of Assurance with Jefferson Parish, WILL Purpura do some intelligent reporting on the “why, when, where, how” or simply let this issue go by the wayside as that query opens up a huge can of worms with respect to local government obligations across the region. Now, we can’t subscribe to the notion that the Tipsy is merely protecting local friendly kleptos at the expense of those distant kleptos in the District of Criminals – right??

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