In Mississippi tax breaks and the gang at Port and Harbor in the news

First we have a reader question:

In the Sun Herald this morning on page 3A under “D’Iberville approves tax break to attract business” Joe Cloyd’s CDBG Long Term Work Force housing Riverside senior apartments is asking the city to abate ad valorem taxes for three years. This is not a business that produces or pays any sales taxes and was built with taxpayer money in most part already. Where does it end?

Such things usually end in bankruptcy because the piggies that are hooked into the taxpayer trough rarely stop feeding on their own.

Next up since the Bay St Louis social media policy was topical at last night’s City Council meeting I have this from Eric

Police Officer’s Facebook Post Criticizing Her Boss Isn’t Protected Speech–Graziosi v. Greenville ~ Venkat Balasubramani

The bottom line is the law in this area is not settled by any stretch of the imagination for public sector employees.

Next up the peeps at Port and Harbor made the local news:

Supervisors shoot down P&H board’s $100K highway beautification project ~ Cassandra Favre

The takeaway from this is exactly what I said when Ashley Edwards was hired on at Port and Harbor:

Of this we can be certain, Ashley Edwards is on board because the Board of Supervisors wants him on board at Port and Harbor.

Supervisor Tony Ladner left no doubt that when he says “jump” the proper response is “how high?”.

Obviously there is a backstory here worth knowing.

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  1. I would say it takes a lot of nerve to take a real estate project that has already been paid for in most part by the taxpayers and ask the politicians to allow them to not pay property taxes to the city in which it resides. I guess they continue to feel entitled like they were taught in Jackson. They think that this Riverside is a blessing to all. I hope for the sake of the people this type of corporate welfare is banned and this group of trough feeders are dispersed and done away with like some are doing with the other wild hog problem we have going on our state.

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