Attempted hacks of Slabbed come to an end…..

I’ve been watching you boys for quite some time trying to simulate my password.  I even have a log and can show where you got my user name. [Link updated] Have a nice day!

Desperate people do desperate things. ~ Michael Brooks

“It is characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday Miscellany

I have lots of irons in the fire but today is my best opportunity to post some new content. Here are some links of interest:

‘Enemy for life’: Mayor Mitch Landrieu accused of steamrolling those who disagree with him ~ Tyler Bridges

I heard about this article before it was written and one of the examples I was cited was not mentioned by name in Tyler Bridge’s piece. In it is the reason I think Michael Bagneris is running against Landrieu for Mayor and as such there is a kernel of truth in the criticisms.  I found it very interesting that Bagneris even bagged a campaign contribution from Lakeshore, Mississippi, one of the unlikeliest of places one would expect an out of state democrat candidate for Mayor of NOLA to receive campaign ca$h.

Meantime I believe Slabbed was the first website to disclose the GOP was backing Bagneris so excuse me while I take a victory lap and blow raspberries at AROD.  😉

Next up from the consider it a well deserved compliment files:

A quip on Twitter lands me a public audience with Louisiana’s coastal chief, but it could have been worse ~ Mark Moseley

Graves is still full of it on Bermdoggle.

I saw the Richard Sherman interview with Erin Andrews after the NFC Championship game and thought Andrews was in over her head.  Even at its lowest levels, football is all about competition at its most Darwinian.  You gotta have a mean streak and the right attitude to excel at it and the cornerback everyone now loves to hate has it all in spades plus some.

Thus when you make the play that put your team in the Super Bowl and do it against the guy from the other team that has been trading trash with you all week, emotions would naturally be running very high.  You’d think since Erin Andrews has covered the sport for years she’d been more prepared for Sherman’s outburst.  Even better is this nugget from Sherman’s college days at Stanford:

Richard Sherman’s Email To His Stanford Dorm Is Priceless ~ Tom Ley Continue reading “Tuesday Miscellany”

Pravda or Paper? Some interesting things are happening in the online Bay St Louis scene

Here is the scenario that has my spidey senses tingling:

1. We have a city with major financial problems that is reduced to using the cash flow from the water and sewer collections billed on behalf of other entities to finance its operations.

2. The same City took a $500,000 loan to pay its past due bills and according to the local Good Government group still has its credit privileges under open account at a major local vendor suspended for nonpayment.  There is talk of the City Council taking the checkbook away from the Mayor, who until recently was on the record saying the City’s finances were in good shape. The known tally is $900,000 in the hole and counting.

3. A new anonymous website pops up touting a seemingly easy solution to the financial problem touting deannexation of the 2 wards whose councilman are the Mayor’s biggest fiscal critics.  These wards that have paid in property and sales taxes to the City but received little in the way of City services since they were annexed.

4.  Within 4 days of the anonymous site going online the newspaper of record for the area writes an article promoting it going so far as to link a blind, anonymous email address in the promotion.

A timeline is instructive: Continue reading “Pravda or Paper? Some interesting things are happening in the online Bay St Louis scene”