Slabbed presents Scott and Trinity singing Those Were the Days

Live from million dollar row Front Beach Ocean Springs!

Boy the way DMR Foundation played
Fishin’ trips that made the hit parade.
Guys like us we had it made,
Those were the days.

And you knew whose pockets we looted then,
Girls were girls and men were men,
Mister we could use a man
Like Billy Walker again.

Facebook screen capture courtesy of a reader
Facebook screen capture courtesy of a reader

Background here. Trinty calling out Melissa Scallan?! Cat fight!!!!

21 thoughts on “Slabbed presents Scott and Trinity singing Those Were the Days”

  1. As we already knew the new DMR management just does not measure up. Bill Walker would have had them exact but they would have cost the public $100,000. each. Somebody is really getting an a– chewing about this. While the error might be minor in nature it will be perceived by the public as the current norm at the agency. And you know what they say “perception is reality” in the minds of most.

    1. It is amazing to me that people can not see what is going on with DMR management. The old Billy Boy Hewes relatives were indicted, so more of that same has been installed in the old positions! And now it appears that the DMR is being led by the Mayor’s office in Gulfport??? From Jackson????

      There needs to be a REAL cleaning at the top two floors at that Agency. The scientists/lab people need to be restored to the leadership of that Agency so it can be run by qualified and knowing people.
      To some extent, this Agency in the past has been political in some aspects as it pertained to the different user groups fighting over the resources. But now, it has become a place where unqualified people, without jobs, have been moved in by special interests, and has pushed the true DMR workers aside so that they can have a job. It is just not right to do those hard-working people that way. They have earned the right to be promoted to higher positions and the grifters need to move on to other pastures. Maybe to Jackson. Maybe to Mr. Lott’s house, Maybe to the head of the Republican party’s house. Either way, they should not have the legal OR moral right to do what they are doing to those DMR workers down there.

  2. My Fellow Americans,

    I may be a victim of friendly fire but……

    For those of you who have read my posts in the past you may remember I had commented on the ups and downs of the PR division at the DMR. There is certainly no doubt in my mind that Walker hired Trinity because of who she was. After all, there was probably a strong pool of potential candidates around the gulf coast who were probably much more qualified that she. None the less, I beleive she is now a victim of circumstance in this whole Walker situation and suffered the consequence of the political double edged sword. She seemed to gain employment though politics and lost her job by politics at the DMR.

    Early intelligence from inside operators included disgust of her obtaining a position at the DMR but there were also accolades of her strong work ethic and how she did her job well. I am not trying to throw a smoke screen up but the DMR has had a history of being a major employer by way of the BFI system. Even with the new dictator taking office we still see acts of chonyism. It started with Frontier, then a small batch of unadvertised hiring actions which one include Scallan, and there is still something fishy going on with the marine patrol chief position. Based on rumors that circulated awhile back, I think the future chief was recently selected for a position somewhere else. :)

    Now for the fish ruler goof: I am not so certain we will ever know of who was actually at fault but at a minimum, the rulers should have been verified before the PR department shipped them out. A costly mistake alone, but this seems to be emblematical of the crew that’s working in the department now and something like this really does not surprise me. They must have not taken accurate notes during the “PR rehab training sessions” that were in place awhile back. Or were those cancelled?

    I suppose one could find out what happened with the rulers if they were to call the printing outfit or request the public records that show how many times the stickers were paid for within the recent past. It looks like if the DMR was at fault they would have to pay for another batch to be printed. Either way, the PR staff should have performed a quality check upon reception. For all that has gone on recently within the PR department and with the new management regime, I don’t blame Trinity for throwing a hand grenade.

    1. I too heard from insiders that Trinity’s work ethics was very strong. You also nailed the reason she had to go because while she was not involved with the shenanigans she benefited from them.

      Excellent comments.

    2. I thought a guy like Scott would like the shit out of a ruler like this! What better way to promote that things are bigger in Mississi…wrong state. Seriously, fish rulers like this really ought to be good for tourism.

      Is it possible that the rulers that were used on the DMR Friends and Family Charters were distributed to the public by mistake? The scientists at the DMR need to confirm that the right rulers were used in their previous sampling programs. Particularly those where not all the participants had the expected relevant training and degrees. They probably should look at both the inshore and deep sea trips.

      Not sure of the impact of these fish rulers on the taste research done by those FOBs.

    3. Great post Eye….Trinity was truly taken down by the Walkers. I hear that she comes from a good family and has good morals. She was too naive and married into the wrong pack. Little did the little lamb know that she was surrounded by a pack of wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

      P. S. What are the initials of the “almost chief”?

      1. Who is the almost chief? THE Director Miller
        Trinity being a Little Lamb is a joke, I’m sure she’s nice but gentle as a lamb I doubt…

      2. Based on rumors only, the name most often mentioned was the new Jackson County sheriff–Britt

        This rumor had roots to fairly reliable sources but nothing was ever totally confirmed and it obviously did not materialize. So I will leave it as just that–a rumor.

        That still does not make me stop wondering what is going on with the chief of marine patrol position. I posted a comment a week or two ago about how it was being advertised again. For this position to be advertised again, and still not “officially” filled since the departure of the last chief leads me to beleive that there is some funny shit happening behind closed doors.

        In my opinion, I think what we will probably see is a dog and pony show that resembles the “selection process” that was utilized to hire people like Jamie Miller, Ashley Edwards and Lenard Bentz.

        Here is my personal image of the DMR as a public citizen and tax payer:

        The New DMR–“Keeping Sweet and Hoodwinking the Public.”

        The New DMR–“Transparency to the Pubic and our Workforce–Over my Dead Body”

  3. I will say the Walker’s have stayed silent for the past year and a half but good for Trinity, she is correct. She does have a PR degree if I’m not mistaken. Melissa was saying on the news it was a printing error. I guess the PR staff passing them out was not an error? And Scott, also correct they were not misprinted under the previous director, as voiced by my peers above what do you expect from this current “director?”
    Trinity Walker- 1, Melissa Scallan-0

  4. Even if Frontier Gulf Coast did or did not produce this PR debacle they may be hired to tell the employees and the public that not measuring up is a great thing. I feel they will explain that all involved are only humid beings and all is good. I can hear the back round music playing at Frontier corporate this week “This is an Emergency” contract moment.

  5. Until this crappy regime is voted out, we are all complaining in vain. Fat @zz and his trashy minions started all of this and they are continuing to siphon the Taxpayers’ money behind the scenes with our current leader’s blessings. The only hope that we have is for the FEDS to do what they do and put them in prison and the IRS to work their magic.
    The technical staff at the DMR are still being held hostage. Everything that is done down there is taken control of by the “Handlers”. Morale has not improved. And the sad part is that the good workers left there are still trying their best to do what they do under such horrible pressures. How do you think they feel that their Agency put out that ruler with the wrong measurements on it? Do you think they feel proud??? It is a reflection on them because they are working there and they are not happy about it! It is sad that a bunch of political hacks are controlling that Agency now. It has done a good job for a lot of years, but I am afraid that the Billy Walker regime was the beginning of the end . Until there are serious changes made in the upper encelon, the status quo is all that can be expected.

  6. Go to Pinterest. Look up pinner “Trinity Ryals” and check out her “Everyday Life” page to see what see has pinned and how she thinks. Insipid.

        1. Oh Lord, a picture of the Walkers up there mingling with those Yankees in New York. What a couple of sinners 😉

          On a serious point. I believe Trinity is living the life of a fairy tail which has come to a crashing end like MJ and Neverland. Over the last year or two I have observed her blogs and photos of luxurious baby clothing, shoes, and travel habits that resemble something you would see in a high class, southern, white periodical. This poor girl is either too stupid to realize her luxurious life style is provided by shady deals of her husband, the tax payers, or she is playing well in the sandbox with the whole gang.

  7. I think my favorite thing she posted was a “I prayed today that tomorrow you wouldn’t be such a douchebag.” Then added that’s how she feels about Scott sometimes. Unfortunately, my internet connection is down today, and I can not provide a link from my phone.

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