2013 is going out with a bang: Drug related double murder in Metairie

But first a word from the good folks at Trip AdvisorTM:

Arrived Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Tub was filthy. Coffee pot had old coffee and mildew in it. One of two full beds had hair and dirt on sheets. Wound up having to clean tub before even taking a shower.

Told front desk and property manager Wednesday. Cleaning staff cleaned coffee pot but not the bed.

Told them again Friday. Property manager claimed sheets were not changed because “Do Not Disturb” sign was on the door. When I asked how the coffee pot got cleaned, he had no response.

Breakfast staff very nice and helpful. Actual fod(sic) items very poor Night shift desk person drunk (male) could not adjust water tempereture(sic)

This was not one of the finest hotels I have been accostumed(sic) to. The service was fine, but the hotel elevators smelled of urine, the actual room had a moldy odor. The comforters also, I just slept in the sheets. The shower was impossible to get to the temperature of my liking

Gunfire from Metairie double murder sends parents rushing for children; shooting is drug related, JPSO says ~ Naomi Martin

Other vital background here, here and here.

7 thoughts on “2013 is going out with a bang: Drug related double murder in Metairie”

  1. I understand there have been numerous complaints made to the Council about this motel. I had a good friend who recently stayed there and was accosted y drug dealers.

    The neighbors need to seek injunctive relief and argue the motel is a nuisance.

  2. Its an oxymoronic situation cause drug dealers are moving to Metairie for more safety from drive-by shootings by thugs, as the Sheriff takes murder investigation and prosecution more seriously than in NOLA.

  3. Hard to believe that the proprietor of a 5 star Canadian inn would office in such a place without offering his expertise as a luxury hotelier.

  4. This is not the first time out-of-towners staying at a local jeff motel got treated badly and shot up over a bad deal going down. Can’t they just smoke the peace pipe and all get along.If this continues it will hurt our hospitality image and tourist fun destination particularly at that Super 8.

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