3 thoughts on “How we rolled in 2013”

  1. Doug,
    A legal notice appeared in the SeaCoast Echo on Sat, Dec.28. about Waveland selling their gas utility system.
    Bids and proposals will be opened on Jan. 7. Personally I think it is great.
    Since Katrina the city lost gas customers who wanted to begin building back before the system was repaired,
    and built all electric.This will allow the users to pay directly to the gas company like so many other cities
    on the coast do. What are your thoughts?

    1. It sounds like an excellent idea. Through time I’ve lived many different places in South Mississippi. Waveland was the only one that had a municipal gas utility. Every other place had a private utility. Plus Waveland should get a nice shot of money, some of which I hope they’ll use to pave streets that FEMA should have already paid to repave (South Street and St Joseph come to mind).

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