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The rain and other circumstances have converged to make this one of those days when I’m tempted to break out the knife and hit the chop shop. Turns out, I’m woefully behind on recent developments in the Mississippi Coast TeeVee news congroovancy, such deficiency I made a point of curing this morning. The “cure” was almost a complete waste of time but before I get to that:

Sun Herald will get first look at Mississippi DMR records Monday ~ Paul Hampton

I’d give the Sun Herald Box diving gang some secret CPA auditor box diving tips but I’ll be keeping those trade secrets.  😉  I’m sure the gang will do a good job raking muck next week.

Federal judge dismisses most of remaining Katrina damage lawsuits ~  Mark Schleifstein

Welp, the two vagrants you’d see most at the Waveland Walmart have now been eliminated from the Highway 90 social scene.

Homeless man charged in Bourgeois murder ~ Dwayne Bremer

Moving right along…..

Football concussion lawsuits reach high school: Mississippi suit goes after NCAA and NFHS ~ Jon Solomon

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson back on A&E, network says ~ AP Story via

Finally, I missed the re-debut of Channel 25 TeeVee news a month or so ago.  This is good news because you lifers know I live to shoot spitballs at the TeeVee news although Hammerman is making it harder:

Toni Miles, former WLOX reporter, joins WXXV 25 News team ~ Patrick Ochs

Though I didn’t cover Miles unfortunate association with a cocaine distribution arrest I did make sure she could get a taste of home here on Slabbed anytime she wanted it after she moved on to Corpus Christi. As I remember it Miles was dating an older businessman who had a fondness for coke.  When the boyfriend’s house was raided Miles was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.  She was arrested but ultimately not charged with a crime. The arrest resulted in WLOX terminating her.

Finding no joy at losing her job at WLOX TeeVee and evidently unaware of the Streisand effect, Miles sued Raycom Communications for defamation and discrimination in Federal court here in the Mississippi Southern DIstrict.  I took a peek at the docket this morning on PACER and the term that came to mind to describe it begins with a C and ends with a K. (We’re trying to cut back on vulgarity here at Slabbed New Media in 2014).  Long story short Miles started out with Louis Watson of Jackson as her lawyer but he withdrew early on citing irreconcilable differences with Miles on how to litigate the case. Then it went from bad to worse after a particularly nasty Motion to Strike was filed by Team Raycom:

Judge Dismisses Former Anchor’s Libel Suit ~ Faux News

Former News Anchor Loses Defamation Case ~ Matt Reynolds

As for Ms Miles, the intervening years led her back to Mississippi and sure enough there are lots of older businessmen looking for love down here on the coast, even old CPAs:

Miss Miles, Mr. Culumber exhange (sic) vows on May 22 ~ Vicksburg Post

Over here in Hancock County I doubt I see much TeeVee 25 news but at least the gang and news operation is now on my radar (The XXV car showing up in Waveland a couple of days ago helped) as there is always room for one more outlet in the local media congroovancy. Just watch out for the occasional spitball and everything will be fine.

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  1. A little off base here, but what ever become of the Broadcaster for WXXV named Kipp that used to do the radio in the morning? Can’t get a straight answer from anyone. Just wondering.

    Also, since the word out in the Taxpayers’ hole is that the SH already had copies of most of those files that were being withheld by Pickering; I wonder if the plan is to compare what was already given them to what will be given to them(by Judge Sloegel), to see if they had been “tampered with” or if any are missing? What then???? Who is responsible then???

  2. The political correct guillotine broke when it tried to take off the head of duck calling Phil Robertson and slice thru his common sense, expressed moral virtues of the B.I.B.L.E.( Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth).

    Gun totting, flag waving. BIBLE believing and now duck calling Americans are in revolt. They have had it with political hate groups like the NAACP, GGLAD and the LGBT throwing people, who are intentionally interviewed by the liberal press for the sole purpose of creating social tension, under the economic bus, especially at Christmas time. The era of them throwing their political weight around to incite social class hatred and racial divisiveness has ended with them having to drink some A&E SlimFast.

    If cable and network shows and news media can report and publicize certain groups or individuals espousing certain social mores and behavior then there must be allowed voices expressing opposing social moral interests without hate retaliation. A & E recently discovered this principle when their big economic engine was threatened with destruction by overwhelming internet petition numbers.

    The leaders of this country have allowed Christians to be slaughtered by Muslim extremists in other countries without taking a global stand for all Christian populations. And when Christians are socially and economically attacked in the U.S. for their expressed beliefs our leaders need to publically call a halt to such un – American activities and not wimp out.

    Say what you want about Jindal but he had the guts to take a stand..Where the hell is the leadership of Obama. Clinton ,Christie ,Paul? – playing it safe, like dead and silent, walking zombies.

  3. So, Joe Bruno, whose SOLE fiduciary and legal professional obligations were to the putative “Class” in the “Victims of KATRINA” Litigation, is now falling all over himself to sing the praises of the wonderful “judges’ judge”, who evaluated “every legal issue to the Nth degree” but who just STUCK IT TO (and you know “where”) Bruno and the “Class”, again. The Dishonorable Judge Duval-Daley-Fayard and his “close personal friend of long-standing, plaintiffs’ lawyer Calvin Fayard, CORRUPTED the Victims of KATRINA Litigation, while being aided and abetted, and enabled, by a veritable “host” of other plaintiffs’ lawyers, Bruno among them, who were all co-conspirators. The lowest common denominator for this CORRUPTION was Fayard’s “secret” representation of the State of Louisiana (which was NEVER “secret” to the Judge), who simultaneously held various positions on the Plaintiffs’ Liason Committees in the litigation, which obligated Fayard to devote 100% of his efforts and loyalty to Victims of KATRINA, not the State, whose agencies and instrumentalities and political subdivisions caused or contributed to EVERY SINGLE ONE of the levee failures. This obvious conflict of interests was not disclosed to the litigants until the second anniversary of KATRINA, on 8/29/07, when Fayard and his co-conspirators filed pleadings on behalf of the State above their signatures for the very first time. This “revelation” explained to me why Duval-Daley-Fayard, who is “crooked as a snake”, had previously summarily dismissed during the prior two (2) years, “on the papers”, without any oral argument (except for a Sanctions motion against ME, for my “harassment” of the State of Louisiana) every claim which I brought against the State, et al. In short, Duval-Daley-Fayard was “protecting” his close personal friend of long-standing, Fayard, and Fayard’s “secret” client (about which His DisHonor was fully aware), the State. And when I deigned to bring this CORRUPTION and patently obvious conflict of interests to the attention of the World, through Recusal Motions, a Complaint for Damages, and Complaints for Judicial and Professional Misconduct, I was DISBARED, forced into bankruptcy, arrested on completely spurious Federal criminal charges, thrown into solitary confinement for 34 days, and forced to litigate against the Federal Government (Lettenemgo) for almost two (2) years to clear my name. Although I am now, quite literally, a “broken man”, I still hold my head up, and I PROMISE that I will live to see ALL of these SCOUNDRELS (who are “at it again” in the CORRUPTION of the BP Litigation and BP claims process) BURN IN HELL. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  4. Hope Mr. Culumber’s arrest for domestic violence isn’t an indication of the way the Culumber Miles marriage is going:

    On a side note, look at this WXXV breakdown of the DMR indictments:

    Interesting that Toni Miles-Culumber is walking through the story. Isn’t her husband the same Robert L. Culumber that was the accountant for Bill Walkers ConProfit, the Mississippi Marine Resources Foundation? I guess she would be qualified to report on the story…

    1. There goes on of my next week posts. Shorter and faster than what I would have done but I had been searching for the words to introduce the first link. Particularly due to the above noted DMR related connections. In the spirit of the holidays I had decided to leave that mugshot until after the holidays.

      Bonus link for Doug, maybe not new news. Prestige Title Inc. (

      1. I’ve seen that Prestige Title case mentioned a few times. Very interesting opinion.

        Since we’re not naming names I’ll add that Director’s list has been changed a good bit over time and the behavior of certain of the directors have been subject of very salacious rumors dating back before the Hurricane, none of which I’ll repeat. Reviewing the 990, support as dropped off a good bit from 2005. Speaking of 2005, here is an old AP story which detailed one of the fundraisers:

        One of the names mentioned in that story also appears on JJ:

        It is a very small world.

  5. And anyone can say whatever he or she “wants” about Phil Robertson’s comments about QUEERS. But ponder this: Studies have demonstrated that 43% of white male homosexuals have had sex with 500 or more partners, while 28% have had sex with 1,000 or more partners. The “dread disease” HIV is 10% to 50% (the most reliable statistic I have read is 43%) higher in the white male homosexual population than in the general population. Hepatitis, gonorrhea and syphilis are exponentially higher than in the general population. And genital warts (human papilloma virus – HPV) is “almost universal” in the white male homosexual population. I’ll send the links to these statistics to whoever may want them. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Speaking in terms of numbers of partners only if the statistics are accurate–They still ain’t got nothin’ on Wilt Chamberlain. Hehe :)

  6. EyeSpy: Dey done call him Wilt da’ Stilt fo’ nuttin’?

    If he done shoot in his crib like he shot freethrows da’ mens surely done gotts many mo’ warts then chillens and hundreds of galactic stalactites proudly all over his 12′ ceilings.

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