The Best Cadillac Corporate Welfare Package Taxpayer Money can buy: Brought to you by Barack Obama and Southern Company

And the best part folks is everyone one of us in Mississippi that buys electricity from Southern Company gets stuck with the difference between what Obama didn’t give ’em and the final cost of the project, now estimated at $4.2 billion. According to the good folks over at the Bigger Pie Forum think tank the average Mississippi residential ratepayers electric bill will go up about 61% to pay for the boondoggle, an increase of $76/month. I mention this because: (h/t RFP in comments)

Kemper County power plant, oil producers find political sweet spot for Obama with ‘carbon capture’ technology ~  Dina Cappiello Associated Press

So folks, for those of you that will not be bankrupted by the NFIP rate increases will need to dig deeper to keep the lights on. I wonder what rocket scientist dreamed up the idea of sticking the poorest state in the union with the cost of President Obama’s environmental policies?

One thought on “The Best Cadillac Corporate Welfare Package Taxpayer Money can buy: Brought to you by Barack Obama and Southern Company”

  1. The Public Service Commissioners of this State needs to be called to task for this one also. They have already moved one of the good ole boys because they knew that he could not be re-elected in that position again after selling out the Taxpayers. His pop and cronies saw to it that he was put in a position making $150K/year that he has “earned”. Shame on them all!!! You still have Hewes running the show in Gulfport and it appears that the second string of players are in place at the penthouse of the Bolton Building. So all systems are go again!!! They are ready to misappropriate more money that should be spent on the restoration of the Coast and its people.
    Fat ass needs to be strung up for what he has done to this State and its Taxpaying Voters. All of the idiots that think Fat Ass was/is so wonderful should be really happy for the theft and havoc that has been reaped on us. Hope the Republicans that could have done something to avoid this are happy also. The people trusted you and you turned your back on them for “the party”. You will all get what you deserve in the end. It may not be on this earth, but the fire is hot and waiting for you all.

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