In other Christmas Eve News

David Welker? Where in the heck have we heard that name before. ┬á­čśë

Former FBI agent appointed interim CEO of BP oil spill claims office ~ Mark Schleifstein

Anyone so interested in the goings on at the BP Spill claims office should be reading Jason Berry over at American Zombie, especially you trial lawyer hating GOP types.

Moving right along we have the small town of Semmes Alabama and their Christmas parade (h/t Jr in comments).

Surprise! Alabama Town Accidentally Invites Black Drag Queens to Perform in Christmas Parade ~ Progressive Populist

The pictures of the locals reacting to the The Prancing Elite are simply priceless. I know this, should the Prancers be retained for the Bay St Louis Christmas parade, I would most certainly go. Something tells me business will be picking up for troupe. You go girls!

The Best Cadillac Corporate Welfare Package Taxpayer Money can buy: Brought to you by Barack Obama and Southern Company

And the best part folks is everyone one of us in Mississippi that buys electricity from Southern Company gets stuck with the difference between what Obama didn’t give ’em and the final cost of the project, now estimated at $4.2 billion. According to the good folks over at the Bigger Pie Forum think tank┬áthe average Mississippi residential ratepayers electric bill will go up about 61% to pay for the boondoggle, an increase of $76/month. I mention this because: (h/t RFP in comments)

Kemper County power plant, oil producers find political sweet spot for Obama with ‘carbon capture’ technology ~┬á┬áDina Cappiello Associated Press

So folks, for those of you that will not be bankrupted by the NFIP rate increases will need to dig deeper to keep the lights on. I wonder what rocket scientist dreamed up the idea of sticking the poorest state in the union with the cost of President Obama’s environmental policies?