My view: Self Interest dictates Jefferson Parish Council’s choice for JP Hospitals

And yes Virginia, there are financial side to the stories to the privatization of the 2 taxpayer funded Jefferson Parish Hospitals that everyone in the media has been made aware and you’ll only see it one place and that is right here on Slabbed. Let’s start with Jefferson Parish Councilman Chris Roberts and the money he makes from West Jefferson Medical Center.

Step one: Obtain latest Chris Roberts ethics filing, which Roberts finally and belatedly filed with the Louisiana Ethics Administration (hint to the gang in Baton Rouge the extended deadlines for filing income taxes passed in October and November). Note that Roberts still owns the a portion of the West Bank Beacon.

Step two: Play some lovely music.

Step three: Obtain Free November issue of the West Bank Beacon

Step four: Turn to pages 16 and 17 to see two full page ads from West Jefferson Medical Center.

Could it be that Councilman Robert’s favors Children’s Hospital to take over the 2 taxpayer funded hospitals because they have promised to preserve the status quo?  This would explain why Roberts favors Children’s Hospital’s offer for the West Jefferson Medical Center and East Jefferson General Hospital despite the fact it is substantially less financially than HCAs.  It also explains why he has done everything possible to muck up the process.

If I were at the Advocate I’d look a bit harder at the reasons for the rift.

5 thoughts on “My view: Self Interest dictates Jefferson Parish Council’s choice for JP Hospitals”

      1. Which in turn is a contingent liability. If the suit is successful, then a perfected liability.
        And no loans whatsoever? LOL, what’s the world coming to?

  1. It also appears that Roberts has placed himself into the proverbial sticky wicket as to his seeming inability to diligently carry out the duties of his office with respect to that minor issue of preventing flooding.
    Roberts refused to answer questions as to what input he had into the infamous “Doomsday Plan.” Also, Roberts refused to answer whether or not he knew or was informed of federal law requirements for flood protection. In short, Roberts looks (and confirms) either he is an abject idiot or simply didn’t give a damn about his constituents, neither of which looks good on a political resume at election time.

  2. On a short note Happy Holidays to Slabbed and I can assure you Doug and the rest , Chris Roberts and the parish council’s problems in the coming year have a very good possibility of transcending any of those Mr. Broussard faced . If I were the attorney for the former JP Housing authority or HUD OIG I would be wanting to have Mr. Steve Theriot’s sworn testimony taken about his knowledge regarding those on the council and parish administration who participate in the grant funded evergreen contract awards that manipulate competitive biding as a Quid Pro Quo in return for solicited gratuities. Unreported conflicts of interest are bad enough but when you ad tricks or schemes to hide material facts though falsified sworn affidavits I would think tha’s something the HUD OIG and DOJ simply can no longer ignore. 18 USC 201(b)(2) ~ 18 USC 1346 ~ 18 USC 1001 lets just hope that’s the case !

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