4 thoughts on “Another silly season begins”

  1. Hard to tell what exactly is happening, Doug, if this a purely cynical ploy to have two like horses in the race or one of those outcomes from a singular correlation of forces? And Benito Mitch is not overly joyful about the neg ads re his sister.

  2. Hey, the ” Cute Que Ball Bitch” left out the illegal bodily seizure, jailing and beating of AROD which was more outrageous then the Danzinger and Glover shootings.

    Without that non-fiction picture everything else appears to be a compilation of a conspiratorial, fake fictionalized “Moon Landing” type propaganda promoting “Half Moon’s” rumored post Katrina heroics.

    The only thing heroic he’s done in the last 8 years post Katrina is kiss Miss Piggy and help blow out her candles on her birthdays.

  3. Oh, forgot to say that I vehemently differ with Phil of the “Duck Dynasty” when it comes to Miss Piggy’s vagina – as I would rather a HIV, anodized anus of a diseased leper.

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