Extra caffeine please…..

They say its addictive. In other news:

Editorial: A brief for Judge Starrett ~ Sun Herald Editorial Board

Good-old-boy network protects its own ~ Lamar Pine Sr.

A loss of faith in all of government ~ Frank Conaway

Saints can clinch playoff berth today ~ Sheldon Mickles

Jefferson officials debate investigators’ access to communications ~ Jeff Adelson

And we finish with some Sunday Pollyanna from the Bay’s newest resident political hack, Distinguished Professor (Sir) James CarvilleTM.

America’s best success ~ The Hill

If New Orleans is such the bomb why is Mr. and Mrs. Carville constructing brand new, very spacious digs a couple of streets over from me here in the Bay?  😉

I’m not sold on charter schools either but that is another post.

6 thoughts on “Extra caffeine please…..”

  1. Gee, maybe the first La. liberal to fear for his life in NOLA? Probably been reading AROD’s recent crime reports here.

    He, Sir Carville, is an embarrassment to Louisiana, the Louisiana Fighting Tigers and Tulane. So I hate to say it but he will also be an embarrassment to Miss now too. Though I don’t think he will be offered a visiting professorship at Ole Miss anytime soon.

    1. One can only remind oneself that Carville is an unabashed lickspittle shill for the Democrap wing of the One Ruling Party, one of those who is finally acknowledging its elitism in an “in your face manner.”

  2. Doug, just as a FYI to the Slabbed community, Foshee and Buckley have drawn down from the Chicago Properties v. Broussard flood litigation, apparently Foshee needs the time to further destroy the First Amendment and protect the backsides of her bosses, and Tankersley/Phayer need more billing hours from the gift which keeps on giving.

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