Thursday Links

Some of these have appeared in comments recently, others I’ve put out on twitter. I have a busy day on tap so without further adieu:

Group: Insurers charge 300 to 600% more for coastal than inland policies ~ Anita Lee

Jeff council eyes new contracts to complete over-budget arts center ~ Jeff Adelson

Jeff Parish attorney cuts off IG’s access to e-mails, for now ~ Paul Murphy

Jefferson IG and parish attorney clash on access to employees’ emails ~ Jeff Adelson

Sheriff Mike Byrd turns in resignation on the side of Highway 63 ~ Warren Kulo

DOUG SCEARCE: DMR still teats politicians to a good time ~ Sun Herald letter to the editor

LANA NOONAN: Open government requires respecting the spirit of the law ~ Sun Herald letter to the editor

Jury acquits David Warren, ex-cop who shot Henry Glover after Katrina ~ Naomi Martin and Juliet Linderman

Jefferson Parish attorney, inspector general in spat over email access ~ Ben Myers

Jefferson council debates inspector general’s right to emails but takes no action ~ Jeff Adelson

No quick decision expected on Jefferson hospitals’ operator ~ Jeff Adelson

Judge Michael Bagneris poised to challenge Mayor Landrieu ~ Andrew Vanacore

3 thoughts on “Thursday Links”

  1. Attorney Foshee seems steeped in the type of idiocy which is nothing more than warmed over “social consciousness” aka the means fit the needs lawyering. Hypocricy and disingenuity substitute for logic. The IG is a part of the Jefferson Gang of Kleptocrats, yet Foshee with unabashed and straight-faced dissembling can justify her stance with the position that the indivisible kleptocracy is suddenly divisible, and the attorney-client relationship is found, not surprisingly, with those who sign her checks.

  2. This jefferson e-mail controversy is a red herring and much to do about nothing . It makes McClintock look serious and performing his work and local politicians seem offended without prior notice. Reality unfortunately is that from the bureaucrats in Washington down to every county and parish all unethical corruption stuff involving government departments occurs through private e-mails and cells which can’t be subpoenaed by local inspector generals, media or governmental watchdog groups.

    1. LOL, although it is yet another reminder to the booboisie that for the kleptocrats they keep electing to office, hypocricy masquerades as wit, and thuggery – well, as operational doctrine.

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