13 thoughts on “Please join Mississippi Development Authority Executive Director Brent Christensen, officials from the Gulf Coast Renaissance Corporation, local officials and Joe Cloyd…”

  1. Glad you posted this .They did not send me an invitation. I still got time to get my diesel soaked overalls from working on my tractor off and take a hot shower. I will be amongst the crowd that attends this very exclusive and quietly held open house. I am certain the regular glad handlers will be there. Wonder if they will have a “Donate To Stacey Pickering” jar on the counter? Or maybe there will be a “Donate to my legal defense” jar for Michael Janus. After all without his help the Riverside Adult Living Community that started out as a long term workforce housing development may not be in D”Iberville. Joe Cloyd is lucky he got in before the Janus curtain came down unlike poor old Moby Solangi. In the end these two guys maybe part of who helps Janus reduce time served if you know what I mean. A tell all is for sure at the DOJ publisher by now. Got to go but I will report back about my clandestine “Open House” tour.

  2. So like the DMR open house this past Sunday, I think I will pass from attending. I am sort of anit-social about the suspected crooks I rub elbows with when I do not have to. Be assured, Mr. Cloyd will get his coming; just like the Pickerings, Solongis and Walkers of this world, their days are coming.

    1. There is no end to the taxpayers money they are enriching themselves with. Why in the hell is an emergency contract for Public Relations needed. Oh that’s right, to get around state purchasing requirements.

  3. Honest John, I’ll believe it when I see it. It looks like to me that the entire gang is going to get off. And I do mean gang. This qualifies for a conspiracy and the RICO act. If the FEDS wanted to, they could put a big net around all of them and drag ’em in. But it ain’t gonna happen. Just business as usual – makes me sick.

  4. Mad as Hell, You bring up a good point. The red flag goes up when they all start claiming everything is an
    emergency, like the last minute meeting in Bay St. Louis last week to buy a fire truck. This also requires a
    state contract according to the local paper where I am reading my info. They had just met 48 hours before.
    Why couldn’t they have ordered the truck then if time was of the essence.
    But no matter what group we are talking about in government, we have to remember, one of the characteristics of a thief is they move quick–like the DMR records going off in the middle of the night.
    After all if some nere do well is going to snatch my purse out of my hand in the mall, he’s not going to
    start up a conversation with me; he’s gonna make his move, and run—get the pic–emergency!

    1. This is nothing more than a shell game that is being played with our money. Remember Frontier basically ran Phil Bryant’s campaign for governor,he gets elected and he appoints the current director at Public Safety who gives out the “emergency” contract to Bryant’s campaign people. I would never suggest this is not above board but anytime large sums of money are moved around somebody gets an extra benefit.

  5. Quite ironic that on the same day the news outlets are all showing off Joe Cloyds $15,000,000.+ Riverside, an age restricted senior independent living facility constructed with over $10,000,000. in CDBG funds that were originally granted for long term workforce housing you have the Harrison County Board of Supervisors complaining about the subsidized developments that are paying almost nothing in property taxes. Riverside is just that. The majority is owned by a nonprofit and the balance by Cloyd and others. What are the “others”? Here is the WLOX news clip on the problems being created by all subsidized housing.http://www.wlox.com/story/24186976/county-leaders-say-section-42-tax-revenue-is-a-significant-issue.

  6. They only have 117 units in exchange for $10.5 million in CDBG subsidy, or $89,743 in subsidy per unit (not counting the governmental costs of administering the grant). For that price, the Feds could have bought existing homes in Harrison County for qualifying seniors. There are currently over 200 single-family homes in that price range listed on Zillow.

    1. If you use the other money donated to this Riverside thru the nonprofit the total comes to over $15,000,000.Nothing about this boondoggle makes financial sense. The real question to be answered is how did it happen? Who pulled the strings at MDA to get this amount of taxpayers money dumped into this private development? A complete investigation is past due by the OIG,FBI,DOJ or other federal agency. The state will never take any action on one of the ruling parties own.

  7. When high water comes, I hope our wonderful, honest politicians have enough boats to rescue those seniors at Riverside. Someone conveniently forgot to tell FEMA, HUD, Joe Cloyd, etc. Or did they know and deliberately built in this area people KNOW floods during spring rains and hurricanes?

    1. I live up north of Riverside and drive Lamey Bridge several times a week to get to D’Iberville. I have seen with my own eyes this entire area under water and unpassable. While the elevation of the living area of this building is above normal flooding there will be no access to this property at times accept by boat. An even bigger issue than this from a longevity/success standpoint is location,location,location which is terrible from a rental standpoint. As a close friend of mine who is a commercial real estate professional said, nobody that is in the business of multi-family rentals would consider that location for rental apartments using traditional financing. He further stated it would be considered to be a C- location with virtually no drive by visability which is essential. Of course if you are using free money and you get a big management fee you can take risks nobody else would. There is a reason this site was utilized. Most know long term success is probably not going to happen and the people you see involved will walk away with no personal liability. I guess at that point the state steps in and converts the use to Section 42 housing for those in need. The Biloxi Housing Authority takes over and the neighborhood suffers. One day all will be known because the public has a right to know why more than 10 million dollars of our CDBG money was given to these people for this project. We will not rest until we do.

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