BREAKING: We have an arrest, I repeat we have an arrest

Joseph C. West aka Joe Berry / Baldwin County Alabama
Joseph C. West aka Joe Berry / Baldwin County Alabama

Joe Berry aka Joseph West has been arrested by Kenner Police in conjunction with the US Marshals service.  Vital background here and here.

I continue to hear there is mucho back story potential to this arrest. Stay tuned.

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Who knew Todd Slack did bankruptcy work? I occasionally refer business to that specialty so this is useful knowledge.

Brennan’s Inc., former owner of the landmark restaurant, is bankrupt ~ Doug MacCash

The Political Award Season is upon us:

Kenner Mayor Mike Yenni wins JEDCO ‘Chairman’s Champion’ award ~ Adriane Quinlan

Lafreniere Park Advisory Board names Councilman Ben Zahn ‘person of the year’ ~ Adriane Quinlan

In other stories Slabbed’s been following:

Kenner finds no criminal wrongdoing after investigating missing cash in code enforcement department ~ Yo Adriane…

Yes Mark Spears still has mucho explaining to do.

Jefferson Parish ethics committee discusses damning audit in private ~ Ben Myers

Finally, with his diaper wearing days firmly in the past, David Vitter is thinking of running for Louisiana Gov.

Vitter’s trial balloon causing a stir ~ Stephanie Grace

Guest Post | Hancock County Alliance for Good Government: Openness in Governing

In the state of Mississippi the efforts of some public officials to exclude the taxpayers from their deliberations on the expenditure of public funds has reached epidemic proportions. The sad thing is that the weak laws in this state don’t offer much relief for the taxpaying public.

In one day we get to observe a state official, State Auditor Stacey Pickering, and his staff admit under oath their efforts to hide information not only from the public, but from a Judge.

Then the Bay St. Louis Mayor and City Council call a “special” meeting to finalize the purchase of a new fire truck that will come in at slightly over $500,000. The notice of the meeting went out the morning of the meeting. This doesn’t give John Q. Public much chance to make arrangements to listen or participate in the discussion of the purchase of this equipment with our hard earned tax dollars.

No one is questioning the necessity of the equipment, but the urgency of the meeting is what is suspect. Continue reading “Guest Post | Hancock County Alliance for Good Government: Openness in Governing”

Other Voices | Wednesdays Wars: Iran Deal, Bibi is not amused

Published on Dec 5, 2013

Working mostly in secret over a period of many months, Barack Obama and John Kerry have succeeded in putting together a deal on Iran’s nuclear program acceptable to our European allies plus China and Russia, whose closest border is less than 200 miles from Iran.

The deal was accomplished with minimal hand-holding of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu, and without giving him veto power over the final product.

Mon Dieu! What is this world coming to? An American President acting pursuant to American interests on a foreign policy matter in the Mideast. It’s been a while.

Bibi was not pleased. But, with a nuclear arsenal of his own and a hammerlock hold on the US Congress, he has options.

He could seek to blow up the deal in Congress, where Republicans are looking to embarrass the President on any and all issues, and many Democrats are aware that there is a price to be paid for getting crosswise with the Israel lobby.

He could strike Iran unilaterally, or he could calm down, stop grandstanding, and work with the President towards the best possible final deal. Continue Reading……….